Pokemon Black Version 2 Action Replay Codes

Here are the codes for pokemon black version 2, enjoy guys!

taken from CMP Cheat DB 😀

Pokemon Black 2 Boxart Cover

Pokemon Black Version 2 (E/U)

Game ID : IREO 8E4C1CD6

Emulator User (desmume/No$GBA): Warning!! some codes cannot be disabled even though you uncheck or remove the code from the list, you’ll need to save after use code and then restart the emulator.

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Pokemon White version 2 Action Replay Codes

hi! back again with cheat post, right now I’m gonna post pokemon white version 2 cheats 😀

Credits to: elixirdream, M@T, Groovy Ayu, Demonic722, Japanese coders, tyons, KazoWAR, Prof.9, bond697

give your thanks to them, not me 😀

anyway, here it is :

Pokemon White Ver 2

Pokemon: White 2 (U)
Game ID : IRDO 012AF769

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Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town AR codes

A letter of apology to my reader << anyone who post question on facebook please read this

okay first of all, I must say I’m sorry to ruin the experience of gaming by submitting this cheat, but I just want to share. you want to use it or not, back again it’s up to you 😀

without any further chit-chat, here it is :

Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town Action Replay codes

HM ToTT boxart

Game ID : BKUE – C2EEB6D1

 credits to cheatb0t, Demonic722 & all contributor in gbatemp 😀

update : check dcmbrnite’s comment for instructions on how to use animal affection multiplier!

another update : unlock all clothing code!
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Golden Sun Dark Dawn (US) Released!

wihh, lama juga udah ga posting dsini. gara2 kondisi badan drop beberapa hari yang lalu, jadi ga bisa duduk lama2…


oke, posting kali ini di ambil dikit dari trit rom kaskus 😀

tadi pagi, kira-kira jam 08.59 pagi, ada yang ngepost kalo golden sun udah nongol

golden sun yang mana? ya ampyuunn….


Golden Sun Dark Dawn

preview nih dikit nih… soalnya belom dimaenin

golden sun dark dawn ini ceritanya ngambil waktu 30 tahun setelah golden sun : lost age (anjrit lama kale)

makanya yang jadi karakter utama dsini adalah matthew, anaknya isaac (waai waai)


hemm mo nulis apalagi bingung, soalnya blom dimaenin, tar kalo nulis review dibilang ngibul lagi…

udah lah, infonya gitu ajah 😀


mau download? main-main ke trit rom DS kaskus yah

atau kalo yang males browsing buka page download aja yah


feel free to comment 😀