Lufia: Curse of Sinistrials (U) AR Code

okay another post about AR codes, because somehow a lot of traffic come to my blog looking for this code, well to you who looking for the code, here it is :

Lufia: Curse of Sinistrials (U)Β BSDE –Β D2D1805E

Note : Undub Version and Venom Version Have different Game ID,Β refer to the end of this post/article for usrcheat.dat πŸ˜€

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Pokemon Black Version 2 Action Replay Codes

Here are the codes for pokemon black version 2, enjoy guys!

taken from CMP Cheat DB πŸ˜€

Pokemon Black 2 Boxart Cover

Pokemon Black Version 2 (E/U)

Game ID : IREOΒ 8E4C1CD6

Emulator User (desmume/No$GBA): Warning!! some codes cannot be disabled even though you uncheck or remove the code from the list, you’ll need to save after use code and then restart the emulator.

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Pokemon White version 2 Action Replay Codes

hi! back again with cheat post, right now I’m gonna post pokemon white version 2 cheats πŸ˜€

Credits to: elixirdream, M@T, Groovy Ayu, Demonic722, Japanese coders, tyons, KazoWAR, Prof.9, bond697

give your thanks to them, not me πŸ˜€

anyway, here it is :

Pokemon White Ver 2

Pokemon: White 2 (U)
Game ID : IRDO 012AF769

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Tutorial : Adding cheats to cheat database (Usrcheat.dat)

berhubung masih banyak yang tanya2 soal cara masukin cheat ke dalem database cheaqt yang udah ada, gw bikinin tutorial lagi dah πŸ˜€

gw bagi2 aja yah step2nya

Tahap awal : instalasi R4CCE

– Download R4CCE dari web nya yasu di sini
-setelah download, extract R4CCE nya, ntar jadi folder, dalemnya seperti ini :

Folder R4CCE

duh kekecilan, gpp deh, ss berikutnya full size BWK. :p

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All Kamen Rider : Rider Generation (J) cheat code

hey, another post in english πŸ˜€

soo today I’ll give you some cheat, please note that I’m not the one who created the cheat, jut sharing itu, without you having trouble googling into japanese websites πŸ˜€

here you go!

All Kamen Rider : Rider Generation

Game ID : TAKJ 2BF119C2

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