Nintendo 2DS Review

Finally! after getting my 3rd paycheck from my new job as an IT officer here in sheraton bandara hotel, i finally bought it!

For starters i’m getting black-blue 2DS and pokemon X, that sets me back around US$ 201 (IDR ~2.355.000), but i fell that this is worth my money already 😀

my dream of playing pokemon X is coming true yaaayyyy!

here take a look of my new overpriced doorstop :

brand new in boxes!

brand new in boxes!

opening the pokemon box

opening the pokemon box

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Lufia: Curse of Sinistrials (U) AR Code

okay another post about AR codes, because somehow a lot of traffic come to my blog looking for this code, well to you who looking for the code, here it is :

Lufia: Curse of Sinistrials (U) BSDE – D2D1805E

Note : Undub Version and Venom Version Have different Game ID, refer to the end of this post/article for usrcheat.dat 😀

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Tutorial : Router TPLink – TL-MR3040 by myfire

tutorial kali ini diambil dari posting di thread Lounge NDS Maniac kaskus oleh bro myfire. demi membantu para NDS maniac lainnya di luar sana biar bisa menikmati juga nintendo WFC pake router TPLink.

pertama2 penampakan routernya dulu :


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Bluelink BL-U90N di Windows 7 + Nintendo WFC

setahun yang lalu gw post soal bluelink bl-u90n buat nintendo WFC tapi jalan di XP. sekarang gw mo posting hal yang mirip, cuman buat windows 7.


tools yang dipake masih sama kok :

Tools :

  • BlueLink Wi-Fi Adapter N series BL-U90N with Access Point Mode
  • Nintendo DS Lite

yang berbeda disini adalah softwarenya, buat windows 7 silahkan download software ini :

USB(RT2870/RT2770/RT307X/RT2070, RT357X/RT3370/RT8070/RT5X7X)

kenapa? soalnya bluelink pake chipset dari ralink tipenya RT 2870

kalo ga pake software diatas, masih pake software bawaan bluelink, sampe jenggotan juga ga bakal bisa jadi AP yang security WEP :p

Note : supaya software bluelink bisa jalan buat hotspotnya, sebaiknya bluelink di pasang di laptop/PC yang udah berisi/terinstall Microsoft Zero Configuration Wireless Utility.

setting laptop/pc :

1. Hapus Instalasi driver bluelink yang lama

2. install software ralink yang agan donwload dari web ralink itu.

3. kalo udah colok USB WiFi Bluelink BL-U90N ke laptop/pc

nanti akan keluar auto run dari soft ralinknya jadi kaya gini :

bluelink config utility

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Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town AR codes

A letter of apology to my reader << anyone who post question on facebook please read this

okay first of all, I must say I’m sorry to ruin the experience of gaming by submitting this cheat, but I just want to share. you want to use it or not, back again it’s up to you 😀

without any further chit-chat, here it is :

Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town Action Replay codes

HM ToTT boxart

Game ID : BKUE – C2EEB6D1

 credits to cheatb0t, Demonic722 & all contributor in gbatemp 😀

update : check dcmbrnite’s comment for instructions on how to use animal affection multiplier!

another update : unlock all clothing code!
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