Wood R4 1.36 Update

another update for Wood R4 from YWG šŸ˜€ yay!

oh well lets go to the changelog,

Change log (v1.36):
– lameboy option added to globalsettings.ini.

– ‘dragon quest monsters – joker 2 (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘paws & claws – pampered pets 2’ fixed.
– access points with hidden ssid support added.
– many minor changes/improvements.
– cmp cheats database support added.

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Wood 1.26, AKAIO 1.8.6, EDGE 2.2

wih, terakhir update wood 1.25 tanggal 26 februari, eh sekarang udah nongol aja updatean terbaru dari wood dkk. apa gara2 euforia pokemon black & white yah?

well who knows?, langsung aja deh ke filenya šŸ˜€

Wood 1.26

Change log (v1.26):

– softreset hotkey now configurable (Settings->Patches->Reset Hotkey). there are several combinations possible.

– after refresh after paste, delete… menu tries to preserve selection position.
– spanish localization updated.
– romanian localization updated.
– russian localization updated.

– ‘pokemon – schwarze edition (germany)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – weisse edition (germany)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – edicion negra (spain)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – edicion blanca (spain)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – version noire (france)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – version blanche (france)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – black version (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘pokemon – white version (europe)’ fixed.
– ‘yu-gi-oh! 5dā€™s world championship 2011 over the nexus (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘tokyo twilight busters – kindan no ikenie teito jigokuhen (japan)’ fixed.

Link Download : Filetrip
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AKAIO 1.8.5 & AKAIO 1.8.5a

UPDATE : Mediafire links!

oke deh, kali ini gw mo posting update firmware buat Acekard2i(akhirnya… setelah AKAIO 1.8.2 di report bricking)

dari pertama beli Acekard2i, udah dapet firmware AKAIO 1.8.1 langsung dari agan lesmana, makanya ga pernah update… kendala cuman satu… maen Golden Sun : Dark Dawn pake Micro SD 8 gb NGANDET! swt dah…

so, here it is :

AKAIO 1.8.5

Change log (v1.8.5):

AK-AIO 1.8.2
+ New Anti-Anti-Piracy work around (enabled by default).
– Works on all SD and doesn’t break download play.
+ Fixed various ak2 only bugs. (global settings being reset after softreset, etc)

AK-AIO 1.8.5
+ Fixed usrcheat parsing bug where enabled codes in folder caused a crash during parsing.
+ Fixed PassMe booting for Slot 2 (L+A on Slot 2 icon).
+ Fixed bricking on old AK2s.

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Wood R4 1.20

wah ga disangka update wood gila-gilaan cepetnya, sekarang udah 1.20 aja nih. padahal baru kemaren rasanya masang 1.19 di DS (padahal emang)


YWG emang mantap gila, ngupdate versi wood sesuai dengan rilis game-game DS, last words, YWG you ROCKZ!!


Change log (v1.20):

ā€¢ speed up globalsettings.ini processing.
ā€¢ many internal improvements in loader.
ā€¢ softreset, dma and sd saving patches optimized.

ā€¢ fixed junk on screen then lower_screen.bmp does not exist in current skin.
ā€¢ fixed freeze then you press start button and menu background is broken or does not exist in current skin.
ā€¢ small fix in gbatemp skin.
ā€¢ romanian localization updated.
ā€¢ spanish localization updated.
ā€¢ ’12-hour clock’ interface option added. you can define am/pm mark position in uisettings.ini:
[am pm]
x = 172
y = 47
show = 1
color = 0x318c

ā€¢ ‘vampire moon – the mystery of the hidden sun (europe)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘ninokuni – shikkoku no madoushi (japan)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘sonic colors (japan)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘fuurai no shiren 5 – fortun tower to unmei no dice (japan)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘rekishi taisen gettenka – tenkaichi battle royale (japan)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘call of duty – black ops (france)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘inazuma eleven 3 – sekai heno chousen! the ogre (japan)’ fixed.
ā€¢ ‘ds battery life timer’ fixed. other ds game maker apps also must work.

RPG and R4i specific:
ā€¢ solved problem with many demos. for example ‘gauntlet’ now works.
ā€¢ special processing for few games removed.

RPG specific:
ā€¢ few games weren’t launching when a rare combination of special features was used.

Download Link :

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