Pokemon Black Version 2 Action Replay Codes

Here are the codes for pokemon black version 2, enjoy guys!

taken from CMP Cheat DB 😀

Pokemon Black 2 Boxart Cover

Pokemon Black Version 2 (E/U)

Game ID : IREO 8E4C1CD6

Emulator User (desmume/No$GBA): Warning!! some codes cannot be disabled even though you uncheck or remove the code from the list, you’ll need to save after use code and then restart the emulator.

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Pokemon Black & White Save Problem on iEDGE 2.2


sekarang gw bakalan ngejelasin gimana caranya ngakalin iEDGE 2.2i yang ga bisa dipake buat ngesave in-game di pokemon black/white atau pun game-game yang lain


help from gbatemp

bantuan buat yang ga ngerti bahasa Inggris :

you should put the rom on the sd directly not inside a folder closedeyes.gif
and your saves would now work on v2.2 yaynds.gif

but the consequence is that your sd would be quite messy


ROM & file .sav nya taruh langsung di root micro sd, jangan di folderin lagi

simple, tapi jalan 😀