Little things about Y410p

well you guys read about my review from 2 weeks ago about my new Lenovo Y410p laptop.

after 2 weeks of using this laptop, I would like to add a few pros and cons I encounter during usage.


first let me copy my post’s pros and cons, and add a few pros, and some cons

Pros and Cons


+ 4th Generation Intel Core i7 processor

+ nVidia GT755M 2GB 128 bit GPU

+ 8 GB 1600 MHz RAM

+ JBL audio

+ Keyboard (AccuType + Red Backlit)

+ Dolby Home Theater 4

it turns out, Y410p does support dolby after all, that make me uninstall my realtek and razer surround and replace it with dolby driver.

Tutorial link : Link

*if some of you encounter problem while installing on win 8, it due driver signature, here are the tricks : Link

+Nvidia Optimus

okay to be honest, I’m a bit reluctant using this technology at first. now that i know that on some circumstances, Intel HD really saves my ass. example? i bought gta vice vity 1 year ago, but can’t seem to get it work on either my asus a43’s radeon HD6730M or my lenovo Y410p’s GT755M. but on intel HD the game just run without.any.single.problem.

+Lenovo Veriface

just ignore this please, I’m just enjoying opening my laptop using my face (no, not by slamming my face into the keyboard.. duh..)


– Windows 8.1 w/o downgrade to Windows 7 option

– only 3 USB slot

– Lacking in Indicator (HDD, Caps, Num)

– Quickly gained heat, if used to gaming with heavy specs.

– not 9 cell battery

– not HD+ (1600 x 900) display by default

– weighs at 2,5 kilos with battery in place

– a lot of trialwares

seriously lenovo? can’t even get us a free microsoft office even I bought your $1000 laptop?

 – no SSD installed

well this one is a bit bummer to me, I mean other lenovo Y410p in other country beside Indonesia got an SSD. WHY LENOVO, WHY??

– ultragay.. sorry, I mean ultrabay (go ahead, look at your keyboard :p )

another one cons of Y410p in Indonesia, NO ULTRABAY OPTIONS! if we want to change our ultrabay optical drive we must import it from lenovo US by ourselves, not via lenovo Indonesia.

– SIM card (3G) slot

guess what? no.slot. shit.

I was hoping to use that slot as my 3G USB modem replacement. but.. well.. I’ve got to live with it.


not sure :

+/- DDR3L RAM type

seriously i’m not sure about this, on one side it helps battery life,

the other thing that type of RAM is rather difficult to find in Indonesia, most of sellers i contacted doesn’t even know what DDR3L is..

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