Nintendo 2DS Review

Finally! after getting my 3rd paycheck from my new job as an IT officer here in sheraton bandara hotel, i finally bought it!

For starters i’m getting black-blue 2DS and pokemon X, that sets me back around US$ 201 (IDR ~2.355.000), but i fell that this is worth my money already 😀

my dream of playing pokemon X is coming true yaaayyyy!

here take a look of my new overpriced doorstop :

brand new in boxes!

brand new in boxes!

opening the pokemon box

opening the pokemon box

maybe some of you question this : “why don’t you buy a 3DS/XL instead?”

my answer is this : i don’t really care about autostereoscopic 3D games, so 2D games are fine to me. besides it have the feature of 3DS minus the flip and flexible problem, and by the size of it, 2DS is very comfortable in my palms 😀

what’s in the box?

buying 2DS will get you these whings :

  • Nintendo 2DS console (duh)
  • owner’s manual
  • 6 AR cards
  • club nintendo flyer with hardware serial number for coins
  • outlet charger
  • 4GB SD card on the SD card slot

not much, but again what do you expect from “budget”-class handheld console like this?


Okay back to review things,

as usual, my review for console is based on this things : graphics, sound, and general

let’s start!

General :

my first impression of 2DS is it look like a doorstop. you don’t believe me? here take a look :

the $200 doorstop

the $200 doorstop

i don’t know who designed this handheld console, although it surprisingly comfortable in my hands, at least try make my console place is not in the floor.

more pics! and a few description below each one


Left side

The left side of this console is not much, just a volume slider and a hole for neckstrap


Upper View

on the upper side, pretty basic. the upper side contain charging port, cartridge port, infrared port and LR shoulder buttons.


Front View

on the front view of 2DS, you have standard 3DS button and 1 special button. oh there also a.. MONO SPEAKER that sucks, i’ll explain it later. and a 3.5 inch audio port below mic in lower left side.


special button

yep, that’s the special button I mentioned before, the sleep slider (okay it’s not a button but a slider, get over it.). since 2DS does not have hinges like 3DS/XL or any DS family before, the console uses the sleep slider to switch into sleep mode, like previous console do by closing them.


Back side

on the back side, here we have dual camera to capture 3D photos like in 3DS. BUT! you cannot view them in 3D because this is 2DS. hahahaha. useless.


Right side

on the right, we have wifi indicator, stylus slot (i’m really surprised nintendo still use resistive touchscreen instead capacitive ones), and a SD card slot with 4GB SD card included.

Graphics :

what am i going to tell you about the graphics? well it’s nintendo for starters, don’t expect the graphics will be on par with PSP/Vita or smartphone/phablet/tablet games.

but I tell you this, it’s improvement from NDS family not by a lot but enough to make me grinning 😀

take a look :


Pokemon X Title menu

see? it’s improvement from DPPt, HGSS, even BW/2. and i’m not the kind of gamers that my eyes need to be fed with HD, 1080 or 4k graphics. so the graphics is fine 😀

Sound :

Here comes the dreaded part of 2DS, the sound. the speaker on this console is MONO! i mean, really? not only they sacrifice the 3D but also the sound. the sound is still can be set to stereo or surround ONLY if you are using earphone.

For this one I seriously question nintendo, why bother putting 3D camera when we can’t view in 3D, but put a mono speaker where we should at least getting stereo speaker.

I only hope in the future, where nintendo maybe build a bigger version of this 2DS the put a stereo speaker, and remove the 3D camera in the back, ad just put a standard camera instead.

Conclusion :

here are some pros and cons while trying this doorstop for a while 😀

Pros :

  • cheaper than getting a 3DS
  • can play NDS and 3DS games (flashcart included)
  • comfortable button position
  • WPA/2-PSK WiFi compatible

Cons :

  • Mono speaker
  • 3D camera without 3D viewing capability
  • no improvement in battery life from 3DS
  • doorstop design
  • plasticky-cheapy-feeling


and that’s all folks! maybe you also interested in getting 2DS? tell me in the comments section below 😀

4 comments on “Nintendo 2DS Review

    • 2-2 nya bagus kok bro, tapi karena gw males sama 3D, makanya gw ambil 2ds deh. Jeleknya 2ds ga bisa dilipet bro, jadi kemana2 mesti bawa tas yang agak gedean :p overall fitur sama aja lah bro hohoho

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