[Review] Saints Row 4

This is also the main reason i have to say goodbye to my allowance :

The saints row 4 (Pre order bonus Commander in Chief)

Saints Row 4

Saints Row 4

let’s get started shall we?

okay, this is the game that take a big chunk out of my monthly allowance, about IDR 400.000 or about $40. During the pre order period everyday i hope this game is optimized way better than the third, because i don’t want my money goes to waste.

and it turns out to be the most AWESOME game i ever had!

okay now the review

Gameplay :

Mostly the same like the third, but here’s the plot twist : you’re the US president now, who will lead the saints to fight against ALIEN (gang fight is a bit mainstream no? ).

the fun part of this game is the array of super-duper-weird-weapons and super powers. If only this game is made using Frosbite engine, the game will be MUCH MUCH MUCH Fun.

here’s a few screenshot form the game :


‘Merica Gun – DLC Commander In Chief

Super Jump

Super Jump

Screaming Eagle Jet

Screaming Eagle Jet

for the gameplay this game is worth 9/10

Graphics :

for the graphics, not much change for the third. really. but in this episode the game seems much better optimized than the last. the proof i can get up to 61 FPS in game with medium setting. For those who want to know about my laptop specs, you can go here

for the graphics I give 8/10 because i can’t max it but playable enough on medium πŸ˜€

Sound :

well.. to be honest, mostly I play this game while on work. soo I have to mute the sounds. I’ll give an updated score tomorrow after I play it on home πŸ˜€

Feature :

well aside from DLC’s and unlockables. this game like many of steam games features steam achievements, so you can brag to your friends.

Co-Op :Β The only thing better than one malicious super-powered President is two.

Steam cloud save : continue your madness in simulated steelport everywhere

I give this feature score 7/10. why? pretty standard in today’s games.

overall score (before sound) : 8/10.

Nice score, this game will surely last in many gamer’s heart. While this game lacks seriousness in the gameplay, this game provide me A TON of fun hours. I think this games is going to my hall of fame πŸ˜€

well, that’s all folks! disagree about something in this post? write it down in comment section below, don’t be shy πŸ˜€

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