Steamed Up!

well it’s a quite long time since my last post eh? later i’ll tell you why 😀

For now, let’s get back to posting, shall we?

ok after years of dodging original game (yep, I’m a pirate) and internet distribution platforms, I finally succumbed down to one of them. the one i choose is steam because of DOTA 2.


First I think, “it will be fine, i just go looking for F2P games like dota 2 and it won’t cost a thing.”

But it doesn’t go that well… DOTA 2, marks my first foray into original game market… goodbye my allowance T__T

and to this day, my games collection grew into this :

Damn you Steam Summer Sale!

Damn you Steam Summer Sale!

yeah.. maybe for most of you guy who are from US or europe, this game collection is rather tiny. but for us, Indonesian that game cost us up to half our payment T__T

fortunately most games i own i get at steam summer sale 😀

Just want you all to know, of you interested becoming my friends in steam you can use this URL to view my steam profile :

well that’s all i want to say about joining steam, maybe next i’ll join origin? who knows? after all I’m a big fan of command & conquer games..

By Angga Agia Posted in Gaming

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