Reminder for me

post kali ini gw buat jadi reminder gw, supaya inget apa aja yang mesti gw post sehabis balik dari malang 😀

here’s the list :

  1. update index review games dari kaskus
  2. posting soal lomba penjor
  3. posting soal tirta yatra keluarga ke pura silayukti
  4. posting soal baksos di pura giri arjuno << yang ini belom dapet bahan :p

well that’s all, mudah2an gw inget buat posting 😀

7 comments on “Reminder for me

  1. Hello there, im Andrew, i have read through ur Action Replay code of harvest moon pretty much like hundred times
    and i’ve done everything u said! First I download the thing called CPM code and extract it then put it into the ”_rpq/” -> ”cheat/’, started my DS and enable the cheat(AR)…
    went into Harvest moon….but nothing happen :(….then I tried R4CCE…or R5CC sth that use to add code…i copy all the code of harvest moon from the CPM then paste it into R4CC… and create my own ”usecheat…sth” and put it in the cheat/ folder again..but it doesnt work :(…. Anyway, can u help me with that? Myy email is :, I use flash cart R4 Mics SD, *woodR4 ver. 1.43*….
    Waiting for your answer! Thank you very much!

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