Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town AR codes

A letter of apology to my readerย << anyone who post question on facebook please read this

okay first of all, I must say I’m sorry to ruin the experience of gaming by submitting this cheat, but I just want to share. you want to use it or not, back again it’s up to you ๐Ÿ˜€

without any further chit-chat, here it is :

Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town Action Replay codes

HM ToTT boxart

Game ID : BKUE – C2EEB6D1

ย credits to cheatb0t, Demonic722 & all contributor in gbatemp ๐Ÿ˜€

update : check dcmbrnite’s comment for instructions on how to use animal affection multiplier!

another update : unlock all clothing code!

::+$10,000 (Money)
:::Press L
94000130 FDFF0000
74000100 FF00000C
D9000000 0204FCB8
D4000000 00002710
D6000000 0204FCB8

::Unlock All Clothings << this is the clothing code you want, my readers :Dย 
(not tested by me, remember to save!)
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
1204FA54 0000FFFF
D2000000 00000000

!Misc Codes

::Max Money
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
0204FCB8 3B9AC9FF
D2000000 00000000

::Stamina Never Decrease
DA000000 0203D48C
D7000000 0203D48A
D2000000 00000000

::Infinite Water Can
2203D446 00000014

::Moon Jump
:::Press B
94000130 FFFD0000
020526A0 00000100
D2000000 00000000
!Harvest Related

::Instant Harvest
:::Tested on crops, not sure about flowers
520E77B0 E3500001
020E77B4 E1A00000
D0000000 00000000

::Soil Always Fertile aka Max Star when Harvest
E2000210 00000010
E3A0007F E5C1000D
E591000C EA0396D1
520E5D60 E597102C
020E5D64 EAFC6929
D2000000 00000000

::Infinite Harvest of Crops by Holding L
:::You must be able to harvest to use it. Tested on crops, not sure about flowers
520E77F4 E592100C
020E77F8 E3C11001
94000130 FDFF0000
020E77F8 E1A00000
D2000000 00000000

!Bag Related
::First Slot 5 Stars
:::Press Start + A, freezes will occur if code is used on EQUIPMENT (HOE, SICKLE and related)ย 
or items not meant to have Star rating
94000130 FFF60000
2204D8AF 000000FF
D2000000 00000000

::First 12 Slots Quantity x99
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000000B
2204D8AE 00000063
DC000000 00000030
D2000000 00000000

::First 12 Slots Max Freshness
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000000B
2204D8A6 000000FF
DC000000 00000030
D2000000 00000000

!Storage Related

::First 12 Slots Quantity x99
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000000B
2204E62E 00000063
DC000000 00000030
D2000000 00000000

::First 12 Slots Max Freshness
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000000B
2204E62F 00000096
DC000000 00000030
D2000000 00000000
Bag Slot 1 Item Modifier
94000130 fffb0000 // press select
1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
d2000000 00000000

using this code it will inherit the quantity , quality (star) and freshness of the previous item
never never change an item with star rating to equipment

Bag Slot 1 Quantity Modifier
94000130 fffb0000 // press select
2204d8ae 000000xx // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (01 = 1, 0a = 10 , 32 = 50, 63 = 99)
d2000000 00000000

Bag Slot 1 Freshness Modifier
94000130 fffb0000 // press select
2204d8a6 00000006 // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
d2000000 00000000

Bag Slot 1 Star Rating Modifier
94000130 fffb0000 // press select
2204d8af 000000xx // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
d2000000 00000000

0 - 0000 - Nothing
1 - 0001 - Blue Feather
2 - 0002 - Gift Box: Red
3 - 0003 - Gift Box: Blue
4 - 0004 - Gift Box: Yellow
5 - 0005 - Konohana Outfit ( Male )
6 - 0006 - Bluebell Outfit ( Male )
7 - 0007 - Work Outfit ( Male )
8 - 0008 - Casual Outfit ( Male )
9 - 0009 - Urban Outfit ( Male )
10 - 000A - Classy Outfit ( Male )
11 - 000B - Wild Outfit ( Male )
12 - 000C - Konohana Outfit ( Female )
13 - 000D - Bluebell Outfit ( Female )
14 - 000E - Work Outfit ( Female )
15 - 000F - Casual Outfit ( Female )
16 - 0010 - Hip Outfit ( Female )
17 - 0011 - Classy Outfit ( Female )
18 - 0012 - Cute Outfit ( Female )
19 - 0013 - Delivery Cart
20 - 0014 - Picture 1
21 - 0015 - Picture 2
22 - 0016 - Picture 3
23 - 0017 - Dummy 5
24 - 0018 - Failed Dish
25 - 0019 - Turnip Salad
26 - 001A - Tomato Salad
27 - 001B - Onion Salad
28 - 001C - Potato Salad
29 - 001D - Herb Salad
30 - 001E - Caprese Salad
31 - 001F - Mimosa Salad
32 - 0020 - Boiled Spinach
33 - 0021 - Asazuke
34 - 0022 - Cucumber Namul
35 - 0023 - Tofu Salad
36 - 0024 - Pasta Salad
37 - 0025 - Daikon Salad
38 - 0026 - Mixed Salad
39 - 0027 - Dummy 6
40 - 0028 - Dummy 7
41 - 0029 - Dummy 8
42 - 002A - Dummy 9
43 - 002B - Dummy 10
44 - 002C - Vichyssoise
45 - 002D - Gazpacho
46 - 002E - Bouillabaise
47 - 002F - Corn Soup
48 - 0030 - Onion Soup
49 - 0031 - Pumpkin Soup
50 - 0032 - Soy Milk
51 - 0033 - Miso Soup
52 - 0034 - Herb Soup
53 - 0035 - Asparagus Soup
54 - 0036 - Radish Soup
55 - 0037 - Egg Soup
56 - 0038 - Soybean Soup
57 - 0039 - Shark Fin Soup
58 - 003A - Tom Yum Goong
59 - 003B - Pho
60 - 003C - Dummy 11
61 - 003D - Dummy 12
62 - 003E - Dummy 13
63 - 003F - Dummy 14
64 - 0040 - Dummy 15
65 - 0041 - Sauteed Turnips
66 - 0042 - French Fries
67 - 0043 - Potato Pancakes
68 - 0044 - Hash Browns
69 - 0045 - Boiled Potato
70 - 0046 - Cabbage Rolls
71 - 0047 - Popcorn
72 - 0048 - Corn Cereal
73 - 0049 - Boiled Egg
74 - 004A - Fried Egg
75 - 004B - Roasted Mushroom
76 - 004C - Steamed Mushroom
77 - 004D - Sandwich
78 - 004E - Herb Sandwich
79 - 004F - Fruit Sandwich
80 - 0050 - Raisin Bread
81 - 0051 - Jelly Bread
82 - 0052 - Curry Bread
83 - 0053 - Toast
84 - 0054 - French Toast
85 - 0055 - Butter Roll
86 - 0056 - Croquette
87 - 0057 - Cream Croquette
88 - 0058 - Cheese Croquette
89 - 0059 - Foccacia
90 - 005A - Quiche
91 - 005B - Galette
92 - 005C - Fish and Chips
93 - 005D - Honey Toast
94 - 005E - Canape
95 - 005F - Arancini
96 - 0060 - Dolma
97 - 0061 - Roasted Corn
98 - 0062 - Miso Eggplant
99 - 0063 - Roasted Eggplant
100 - 0064 - Baked Yam
101 - 0065 - Egg Custard
102 - 0066 - Sashimi
103 - 0067 - Fish Paste
104 - 0068 - Vegetable Stir Fry
105 - 0069 - Chop Suey
106 - 006A - Steamed Dumpling
107 - 006B - Pot Sticker
108 - 006C - Chinese Dumpling
109 - 006D - Curry Dumpling
110 - 006E - Cheese Dumpling
111 - 006F - Tempura
112 - 0070 - Spring Roll
113 - 0071 - Tofu
114 - 0072 - Okara
115 - 0073 - Fried Tofu
116 - 0074 - Deep-fried Tofu
117 - 0075 - Dried Tofu
118 - 0076 - Boiled Tofu
119 - 0077 - Cold Tofu
120 - 0078 - Yuba Tofu
121 - 0079 - Dashi Egg
122 - 007A - Simmered Potato
123 - 007B - Boiled Pumpkin
124 - 007C - Ganmodoki
125 - 007D - Boiled Daikon
126 - 007E - Shredded Daikon
127 - 007F - Tuna Yukhoe
128 - 0080 - Tteokbokki
129 - 0081 - Dummy 16
130 - 0082 - Dummy 17
131 - 0083 - Dummy 18
132 - 0084 - Dummy 19
133 - 0085 - Dummy 20
134 - 0086 - Omelet
135 - 0087 - Omelet Rice
136 - 0088 - Cheese Fondue
137 - 0089 - Tomato Fondue
138 - 008A - Pink Fondue
139 - 008B - Raclette
140 - 008C - Gratin
141 - 008D - Pizza
142 - 008E - Meuniere
143 - 008F - Marinated Fish
144 - 0090 - Risotto
145 - 0091 - Doria
146 - 0092 - Farmers Breakfast
147 - 0093 - Macaroni & Cheese
148 - 0094 - Penne Pasta
149 - 0095 - Dry Curry
150 - 0096 - Curry Rice
151 - 0097 - Vegetable Curry
152 - 0098 - Spicy Curry
153 - 0099 - Seaweed Curry
154 - 009A - Milk Curry
155 - 009B - Rainbow Curry
156 - 009C - Ultimate Curry
157 - 009D - Supreme Curry
158 - 009E - Sapghetti
159 - 009F - Mushroom Pasta
160 - 00A0 - Paella
161 - 00A1 - Stew
162 - 00A2 - Herb Spaghetti
163 - 00A3 - Spaghetti Soup
164 - 00A4 - Lasagna
165 - 00A5 - Pizzoccheri
166 - 00A6 - Moussaka
167 - 00A7 - Tofu Burger
168 - 00A8 - Egg Rice
169 - 00A9 - Egg Rice Bowl
170 - 00AA - Sushi
171 - 00AB - Sushi Bowl
172 - 00AC - Grilled Fish
173 - 00AD - Fish Stew
174 - 00AE - Rice Ball
175 - 00AF - Grilled Rice ball
176 - 00B0 - Rice Porridge
177 - 00B1 - Fried Rice
178 - 00B2 - Mixed Rice
179 - 00B3 - Mushroom Rice
180 - 00B4 - Shimeji Rice
181 - 00B5 - Tempura Bowl
182 - 00B6 - Inari Sushi
183 - 00B7 - Okonomiyaki
184 - 00B8 - Udon Noodles
185 - 00B9 - Kitsune Udon
186 - 00BA - Tempura Udon
187 - 00BB - Fried Udon
188 - 00BC - Cold Soba Noodles
189 - 00BD - Tempura Soba
190 - 00BE - Yakisoba
191 - 00BF - Tofu Steak
192 - 00C0 - Fried Rice Noodles
193 - 00C1 - Chestnut Rice
194 - 00C2 - Natto Rice
195 - 00C3 - Bamboo Shoot Rice
196 - 00C4 - Milk Stew
197 - 00C5 - Natto Roll
198 - 00C6 - Kappa Roll
199 - 00C7 - Tekka Roll
200 - 00C8 - Oshinko Roll
201 - 00C9 - Soy Milk Stw
202 - 00CA - Kimchi Stew
203 - 00CB - Crab Stew
204 - 00CC - Crab Omelet
205 - 00CD - Oden
206 - 00CE - Bibimbap
207 - 00CF - Dummy 21
208 - 00D0 - Dummy 22
209 - 00D1 - Dummy 23
210 - 00D2 - Dummy 24
211 - 00D3 - Dummy 25
212 - 00D4 - Yam Desert
213 - 00D5 - Pumpkin Pudding
214 - 00D6 - Chocolate Banana
215 - 00D7 - Stewed Apple
216 - 00D8 - Apple Pie
217 - 00D9 - Pineapple Pie
218 - 00DA - Strawberry Pie
219 - 00DB - Sponge Cake
220 - 00DC - Pudding
221 - 00DD - Cheesecake
222 - 00DE - Pancake
223 - 00DF - Donuts
224 - 00E0 - Cookies
225 - 00E1 - Chocolafe Cookies
226 - 00E2 - Ice Cream
227 - 00E3 - Cake
228 - 00E4 - Honey Cake
229 - 00E5 - Chocolate Cake
230 - 00E6 - Party Cake
231 - 00E7 - Chocolate Party Cake
232 - 00E8 - Party Cheesecake
233 - 00E9 - Chocolate Fondue
234 - 00EA - Trifle
235 - 00EB - Baumkuchen
236 - 00EC - Churros
237 - 00ED - Mont Blanc
238 - 00EE - Scone
239 - 00EF - Choco. Ice Cream
240 - 00F0 - Strawb. Ice Cream
241 - 00F1 - Matcha Ice Cream
242 - 00F2 - Choc. Sponge Cake
243 - 00F3 - Chocolate Donuts
244 - 00F4 - Chocolate Pudding
245 - 00F5 - Fondant Chocolate
246 - 00F6 - Fruit Parfait
247 - 00F7 - Soft Chocolates
248 - 00F8 - Strawb. Soft Choc.
249 - 00F9 - Matcha Soft Choc.
250 - 00FA - Tiramisu
251 - 00FB - Rice Pudding
252 - 00FC - Honey Pudding
253 - 00FD - Soy Milk Pudding
254 - 00FE - Egg Tart
255 - 00FF - Strawberry Candy
256 - 0100 - Sweet Dumplings
257 - 0101 - Bamboo Dumpling
258 - 0102 - Fruit Shiratama
259 - 0103 - Chestnut Bun
260 - 0104 - Green Rice Candy
261 - 0105 - Soba Dumplings
262 - 0106 - Soybean Rice Candy
263 - 0107 - Almond Tofu
264 - 0108 - Cherry Pie
265 - 0109 - 3 Color Dumplings
266 - 010A - Dummy 26
267 - 010B - Dummy 27
268 - 010C - Dummy 28
269 - 010D - Dummy 29
270 - 010E - Dummy 30
271 - 010F - Cooked Rice
272 - 0110 - Bread
273 - 0111 - Apple Jam
274 - 0112 - Strawberry Jam
275 - 0113 - Grape Jam
276 - 0114 - Blueberry Jam
277 - 0115 - Straight Tea
278 - 0116 - Herb Tea
279 - 0117 - Honey Tea
280 - 0118 - Rose Tea
281 - 0119 - Milk Tea
282 - 011A - Royal Milk Tea
283 - 011B - Russian Tea
284 - 011C - Spring Tea
285 - 011D - Summer Tea
286 - 011E - Fall Tea
287 - 011F - Gold Tea
288 - 0120 - Hot Coffee
289 - 0121 - Cafe au Lait
290 - 0122 - Cappuchino
291 - 0123 - Hot Milk
292 - 0124 - Hot Chocolate
293 - 0125 - Honey Shake
294 - 0126 - Yoghurt Shake
295 - 0127 - Green Tea
296 - 0128 - Matcha Tea
297 - 0129 - Sencha Tea
298 - 012A - Puer Tea
299 - 012B - Oolong Tea
300 - 012C - Buckwheat Tea
301 - 012D - Ginseng Tea
302 - 012E - Peach Juice
303 - 012F - Banana Juice
304 - 0130 - Apple Juice
305 - 0131 - Mandarin Juice
306 - 0132 - Mixed Juice
307 - 0133 - Mixed Smoothie
308 - 0134 - Plum Juice
309 - 0135 - Plum Wine ( Glass )
310 - 0136 - Apricot Wine ( Gls )
311 - 0137 - Sangria
312 - 0138 - Red Wine ( Glass )
313 - 0139 - Chicha ( Glass )
314 - 013A - Beer ( Glass )
315 - 013B - Honey Wine ( Glass )
316 - 013C - Chestnut Wine ( Glass )
317 - 013D - Spring Wine ( Glass )
318 - 013E - Summer Wine ( Glass )
319 - 013F - Fall Wine ( Glass )
320 - 0140 - 4 Seasons Wine ( Glass )
321 - 0141 - Fruit Wine ( Glass )
322 - 0142 - Rose Wine ( Glass )
323 - 0143 - Dummy 33
324 - 0144 - Dummy 34
325 - 0145 - Dummy 35
326 - 0146 - Cheese
327 - 0147 - Good Cheese
328 - 0148 - Great Cheese
329 - 0149 - Herb Cheese
330 - 014A - Good Herb Cheese
331 - 014B - Great Herb Cheese
332 - 014C - Yoghurt
333 - 014D - Good Yoghurt
334 - 014E - Great Yoghurt
335 - 014F - Fruit Yoghurt
336 - 0150 - Good Fruit Yoghurt
337 - 0151 - Great Fruit Yoghurt
338 - 0152 - Butter
339 - 0153 - Good Butter
340 - 0154 - Great Butter
341 - 0155 - Herb Butter
342 - 0156 - Good Herb Butter
343 - 0157 - Great Herb Butter
344 - 0158 - Mayonaise
345 - 0159 - Good Mayonaise
346 - 015A - Great Mayonaise
347 - 015B - Herb Mayonaise
348 - 015C - Good Herb Mayo
349 - 015E - Great Herb Mayo
350 - 015D - Chocolate Pack
351 - 015F - Miso
352 - 0160 - Natto
353 - 0161 - Dummy 36
354 - 0162 - Dummy 37
355 - 0163 - Dummy 38
356 - 0164 - Dummy 39
357 - 0165 - Dummy 40
358 - 0166 - Red Wine
359 - 0167 - Chicha
360 - 0168 - Honey Wine
361 - 0169 - Chestnut Wine
362 - 016A - Plum Wine
363 - 016B - Apricot Wine
364 - 016C - Fruit Wine
365 - 016D - Rose Wine
366 - 016E - Spring Wine
367 - 016F - Summer Wine
368 - 0170 - Fall Wine
369 - 0171 - Four Seasons Wine
370 - 0172 - Beer
371 - 0173 - Green Tea (Can)
372 - 0174 - Matcha Tea (Can)
373 - 0175 - Sencha Tea (Can)
374 - 0176 - Puer Tea (Can)
375 - 0177 - Oolong Tea (Can)
376 - 0178 - Buckwheat Tea (Can)
377 - 0179 - Ginseng Tea (Can)
378 - 017A - Black Tea (Can)
379 - 017B - Herb Tea (Can)
380 - 017C - Rose Tea (Can)
381 - 017D - Spring Tea (Can)
382 - 017E - Summer Tea (Can)
383 - 017F - Fall Tea (Can)
384 - 0180 - Gold Tea (Can)
385 - 0181 - Coffe Pack
386 - 0182 - Cocoa Pack
387 - 0183 - Dummy 41
388 - 0184 - Dummy 42
389 - 0185 - Dummy 43
390 - 0186 - Dummy 44
391 - 0187 - Dummy 45
392 - 0188 - Pickled Cucumber
393 - 0189 - Pickled Onion
394 - 018A - Pickled Carrot
395 - 018B - Pickled Radish
396 - 018C - Mixed Pickles
397 - 018D - Cured Turnip
398 - 018E - Cured Cucumber
399 - 018F - Cured Watermelon
400 - 0190 - Cured Eggplant
401 - 0191 - Cured Daikon
402 - 0192 - Cured Bok Choy
403 - 0193 - Cured Veggie Mix
404 - 0194 - Cabbage Kimchi
405 - 0195 - Cucumber Kimchi
406 - 0196 - Daikon Kimchi
407 - 0197 - Bok Choy Kimchi
408 - 0198 - Mixed Kimchi
409 - 0199 - Umeboshi
410 - 019A - Dummy 46
411 - 019B - Dummy 47
412 - 019C - Dummy 48
413 - 019D - Dummy 49
414 - 019E - Dummy 50
415 - 019F - Yarn Ball
416 - 01A0 - Suffolk Yarn Ball
417 - 01A1 - Great Yarn Ball
418 - 01A2 - White Alpaca Yarn
419 - 01A3 - Brown Alpaca Yarn
420 - 01A4 - Dummy 51
421 - 01A5 - Dummy 52
422 - 01A6 - Dummy 53
423 - 01A7 - Dummy 54
424 - 01A8 - Dummy 55
425 - 01A9 - Dummy 56
426 - 01AA - Dummy 57
427 - 01AB - Rice
428 - 01AC - Flour
429 - 01AD - Bread Crumbs
430 - 01AE - Rice Flour
431 - 01AF - Soy Flour
432 - 01B0 - Buckwheat Flour
433 - 01B1 - Shiratama Flour
434 - 01B2 - Dummy 58
435 - 01B3 - Dummy 59
436 - 01B4 - Dummy 60
437 - 01B5 - Dummy 61
438 - 01B6 - Dummy 62
439 - 01B7 - Honey
440 - 01B8 - Royal Jelly
441 - 01B9 - Spring Honey
442 - 01BA - Summer Honey
443 - 01BB - Fall Honey
444 - 01BC - Fruit Honey
445 - 01BD - Rose Honey
446 - 01BE - Dummy 63
447 - 01BF - Dummy 64
448 - 01C0 - Dummy 65
449 - 01C1 - Dummy 66
450 - 01C2 - Dummy 67
451 - 01C3 - Dummy 68
452 - 01C4 - Oil
453 - 01C5 - Curry Powder
454 - 01C6 - Chilli Pepper
455 - 01C7 - Edamame
456 - 01C8 - Rice Candy
457 - 01C9 - Sea Urchin
458 - 01CA - Seaweed
459 - 01CB - Truffle
460 - 01CC - Dummy 69
461 - 01CD - Dummy 70
462 - 01CE - Dummy 71
463 - 01CF - Red Boquet
464 - 01D0 - White Boquet
465 - 01D1 - Blue Boquet
466 - 01D2 - Sunflower Boquet
467 - 01D3 - Casablanca Boquet
468 - 01D4 - Colorful Boquet
469 - 01D5 - Dummy 72
470 - 01D6 - Dummy 73
471 - 01D7 - Dummy 74
472 - 01D8 - Rose Perfume
473 - 01D9 - Citrus Perfume
474 - 01DA - Herb Perfume
475 - 01DB - Flower Perfume
476 - 01DC - Ocean Perfume
477 - 01DD - Pumpkin Perfume
478 - 01DE - Snow Perfume
479 - 01DF - Dummy 75
480 - 01E0 - Dummy 76
481 - 01E1 - Dummy 77
482 - 01E2 - Dummy 78
483 - 01E3 - Dummy 79
484 - 01E4 - Stamina Booster
485 - 01E5 - Stamina Saver
486 - 01E6 - Angler's Dream
487 - 01E7 - Night Vision
488 - 01E8 - Feline Friend
489 - 01E9 - Canine Companion
490 - 01EA - Dummy 116
491 - 01EB - Alpaca Pal
492 - 01EC - Wild Animal Friend
493 - 01ED - Dummy 117
494 - 01EE - Dummy 118
495 - 01EF - Dummy 119
496 - 01F0 - Dummy 120
497 - 01F1 - Dummy 121
498 - 01F2 - Turnip
499 - 01F3 - Potato
500 - 01F4 - Cabbage
501 - 01F5 - Cucumber
502 - 01F6 - Asparagus
503 - 01F7 - Strawberry
504 - 01F8 - Tomato
505 - 01F9 - Corn
506 - 01FA - Onion
507 - 01FB - Watermelon
508 - 01FC - Pineapple
509 - 01FD - Pumpkin
510 - 01FE - Radish
511 - 01FF - Eggplant
512 - 0200 - Carrot
513 - 0201 - Yam
514 - 0202 - Green Pepper
515 - 0203 - Spinach
516 - 0204 - Daikon
517 - 0205 - Bok Choy
518 - 0206 - Pink Rose
519 - 0207 - Marguerite
520 - 0208 - Carnation
521 - 0209 - Casablanca
522 - 020A - Red Rose
523 - 020B - Sunflower
524 - 020C - Nadeshiko
525 - 020D - Gerbera
526 - 020E - White Rose
527 - 020F - Snowdrop
528 - 0210 - Gentian
529 - 0211 - Blue Rose
530 - 0212 - Wheat
531 - 0213 - Rice Stalk
532 - 0214 - Buckwheat
533 - 0215 - Soybean
534 - 0216 - Coffee Beans
535 - 0217 - Cherry
536 - 0218 - Peach
537 - 0219 - Banana
538 - 021A - Grapes
539 - 021B - Apple
540 - 021C - Mandarin
541 - 021D - Cocoa
542 - 021E - Spring Tea Leaves
543 - 021F - Summer Tea Leaves
544 - 0220 - Fall Tea Leaves
545 - 0221 - Fodder
546 - 0222 - Milk
547 - 0223 - Jersey Milk
548 - 0224 - Golden Milk
549 - 0225 - Egg
550 - 0226 - Black Egg
551 - 0227 - Golden Egg
552 - 0228 - Wool
553 - 0229 - Good Wool
554 - 022A - Great Wool
555 - 022B - White Alpaca Wool
556 - 022C - Brown Alpaca Wool
557 - 022D - Dummy 83
558 - 022E - Dummy 84
559 - 022F - Dummy 85
560 - 0230 - Dummy 86
561 - 0231 - Dummy 87
562 - 0232 - Snowball
563 - 0233 - Weed
564 - 0234 - Rock
565 - 0235 - Material Stone
566 - 0236 - Branch
567 - 0237 - Lumber
568 - 0238 - Moondrop Flower
569 - 0239 - Magic Blue Flower
570 - 023A - Magic Red Flower
571 - 023B - Bamboo
572 - 023C - Elli Leaves
573 - 023D - Chestnut
574 - 023E - Walnut
575 - 023F - Blueberry
576 - 0240 - Plum
577 - 0241 - Apricot
578 - 0242 - Bamboo Shoot
579 - 0243 - Shimeji
580 - 0244 - Shiitake
581 - 0245 - Trumpet Mushroom
582 - 0246 - Coral Mushroom
583 - 0247 - Brown Mushroom
584 - 0248 - Poison Mushroom
585 - 0249 - Mint
586 - 024A - Chamomile
587 - 024B - Lavender
588 - 024C - Honeycomb
589 - 024D - Small Coin
590 - 024E - Adamantite
591 - 024F - Amethyst
592 - 0250 - Emerald
593 - 0251 - Orichalcum
594 - 0252 - Gold
595 - 0253 - Silver
596 - 0254 - Copper
597 - 0255 - Scrap Metal
598 - 0256 - Sandrose
599 - 0257 - Diamond
600 - 0258 - Topaz
601 - 0259 - Pink Diamond
602 - 025A - Peridot
603 - 025B - Fluorite
604 - 025C - Mithril
605 - 025D - Moon Stone
606 - 025E - Agate
607 - 025F - Ruby
608 - 0260 - Jade
609 - 0261 - Stone Tablet
610 - 0262 - Mythic Stone
611 - 0263 - Ore Stone
612 - 0264 - Dummy 88
613 - 0265 - Dummy 89
614 - 0266 - Dummy 90
615 - 0267 - Dummy 91
616 - 0268 - Dummy 92
617 - 0269 - Brown Cicada
618 - 026A - Kaempfer Cicada
619 - 026B - Spring Cicada
620 - 026C - Princess Cicada
621 - 026D - Grass Cicada
622 - 026E - Opal Cicada
623 - 026F - Screeching Cicada
624 - 0270 - Chattering Cicada
625 - 0271 - Singing Cicada
626 - 0272 - Sitting Cicada
627 - 0273 - Evening Cicada
628 - 0274 - Bear Cicada
629 - 0275 - Rhinoceros Beetle
630 - 0276 - Pincer Beetle
631 - 0277 - Big Pincer Beetle
632 - 0278 - Atlas Beetle
633 - 0279 - Elephant Beetle
634 - 027A - Stag Beetle
635 - 027B - Anubis Beetle
636 - 027C - Hercules Beetle
637 - 027D - White Beetle
638 - 027E - White Morn Beetle
639 - 027F - White Hill Beetle
640 - 0280 - White Giant Beetle
641 - 0281 - Red Dragonfly
642 - 0282 - Risi Dragonfly
643 - 0283 - Sunrise Dragonfly
644 - 0284 - Amber Dragonfly
645 - 0285 - Crimson Dragonfly
646 - 0286 - Blue Dragonfly
647 - 0287 - Common Skimmer
648 - 0288 - Azure Dragonfly
649 - 0289 - Cobalt Dragonfly
650 - 028A - Ancient Dragonfly
651 - 028B - Yellow Damselfly
652 - 028C - Golden Dragonfly
653 - 028D - Pacific Dragonfly
654 - 028E - Aegis Dragonfly
655 - 028F - Emperor Dragonfly
656 - 0290 - Japanese Firefly
657 - 0291 - Black Firefly
658 - 0292 - Candle Firefly
659 - 0293 - Lantern Firefly
660 - 0294 - Pacific Firefly
661 - 0295 - Cabbage Firefly
662 - 0296 - Yellow Firefly
663 - 0297 - Mustache Firefly
664 - 0298 - Princess Firefly
665 - 0299 - Spotted Firefly
666 - 029A - Summer Firefly
667 - 029B - Emperor Firefly
668 - 029C - Tree Frog
669 - 029D - White-lipped Frog
670 - 029E - Red-eyed Tree Frog
671 - 029F - White's Tree Frog
672 - 02A0 - Spotted Pond Frog
673 - 02A1 - Small White
674 - 02A2 - Scarce Large Blue
675 - 02A3 - Nymph Butterfly
676 - 02A4 - White Swallowtail
677 - 02A5 - White Morpho
678 - 02A6 - Swallowtail
679 - 02A7 - Pale Cloud Yellow
680 - 02A8 - Comma Butterfly
681 - 02A9 - Ringed Butterfly
682 - 02AA - Oki Butterfly
683 - 02AB - Purple Emperor
684 - 02AC - Miyama Swallowtail
685 - 02AD - Purple Brush-foot
686 - 02AE - Velvet Brush-foot
687 - 02AF - Helena Morpho
688 - 02B0 - Longheaded Locust
689 - 02B1 - Piggyback Locust
690 - 02B2 - Kobane Grasshopper
691 - 02B3 - Kutsuwa Katydid
692 - 02B4 - Migratory Locust
693 - 02B5 - Cricket
694 - 02B6 - Spotted Locust
695 - 02B7 - Dirt Grasshopper
696 - 02B8 - Hira Grasshopper
697 - 02B9 - Emma Field Cricket
698 - 02BA - Spiked Locust
699 - 02BB - Eastern Locust
700 - 02BC - Cornered Cricket
701 - 02BD - Ant Hill Cricket
702 - 02BE - Dummy 93
703 - 02BF - Dummy 94
704 - 02C0 - Dummy 95
705 - 02C1 - Dummy 96
706 - 02C2 - Dummy 97
707 - 02C3 - Fish Bones
708 - 02C4 - Old Boot
709 - 02C5 - Old Ball
710 - 02C6 - Fish Fossil
711 - 02C7 - Legendary Treasure
712 - 02C8 - Letter in a bottle
713 - 02C9 - Sweetfish
714 - 02CA - Small Sweetfish
715 - 02CB - Large Sweetfish
716 - 02CC - Char
717 - 02CD - Small Char
718 - 02CE - Large Char
719 - 02CF - Eel
720 - 02D0 - Small Eel
721 - 02D1 - Large Eel
722 - 02D2 - Carp
723 - 02D3 - Small Carp
724 - 02D4 - Salmon
725 - 02D5 - Small Salmon
726 - 02D6 - Special Salmon
727 - 02D7 - Shishamo
728 - 02D8 - Small Shishamo
729 - 02D9 - Special Shishamo
730 - 02DA - Icefish
731 - 02DB - Small Icefish
732 - 02DC - Large Icefish
733 - 02DD - Sea Bass
734 - 02DE - Small Sea Bass
735 - 02DF - Large Sea Bass
736 - 02E0 - Loach
737 - 02E1 - Small Loach
738 - 02E2 - Large Loach
739 - 02E3 - Goby
740 - 02E4 - Small Goby
741 - 02E5 - Large Goby
742 - 02E6 - Funa
743 - 02E7 - Small Funa
744 - 02E8 - Large Funa
745 - 02E9 - Black Bass
746 - 02EA - Small Black Bass
747 - 02EB - Large Black Bass
748 - 02EC - Bluegill
749 - 02ED - Small Bluegill
750 - 02EE - Large Bluegill
751 - 02EF - Trout
752 - 02F0 - Small Trout
753 - 02F1 - Large Trout
754 - 02F2 - Killifish
755 - 02F3 - Small Killifish
756 - 02F4 - Large Killifish
757 - 02F5 - Masu Salmon
758 - 02F6 - Small Masu Salmon
759 - 02F7 - Large Masu Salmon
760 - 02F8 - Blotch Snakehead
761 - 02F9 - Small Snakehead
762 - 02FA - Large Snakehead
763 - 02FB - Smelt
764 - 02FC - Small Smelt
765 - 02FD - Large Smelt
766 - 02FE - Blue Crab
767 - 02FF - Crab
768 - 0300 - Small Crab
769 - 0301 - Small Blue Crab
770 - 0302 - Bonito
771 - 0303 - Tuna
772 - 0304 - Ocean Sunfish
773 - 0305 - Dogfish Shark
774 - 0306 - Moray Eel
775 - 0307 - Mackarel
776 - 0308 - Flounder
777 - 0309 - Giant Huchen
778 - 030A - Giant Salamander
779 - 030B - Dragon Carp
780 - 030C - Giant Catfish
781 - 030D - Snapping Turtle
782 - 030E - Dummy 98
783 - 030F - Dummy 99
784 - 0310 - Dummy 100
785 - 0311 - Dummy 101
786 - 0312 - Dummy 102
787 - 0313 - Spring Sun
788 - 0314 - Summer Sun
789 - 0315 - Fall Sun
790 - 0316 - Winter Sun
791 - 0317 - Red Wonderful
792 - 0318 - Orange Wonderful
793 - 0319 - Yellow Wonderful
794 - 031A - Green Wonderful
795 - 031B - Blue Wonderful
796 - 031C - Purple Wonderful
797 - 031D - Magic Water
798 - 031E - Dog Bone
799 - 031F - Cat Bell
800 - 0320 - Animal Medicine
801 - 0321 - Chicken Feed
802 - 0322 - Treat
803 - 0323 - Vegetable Treat
804 - 0324 - Grain Treat
805 - 0325 - Nutra Treat
806 - 0326 - Pet Food
807 - 0327 - Owl Food
808 - 0328 - Horse Treat
809 - 0329 - Fish Food
810 - 032A - Pot
811 - 032B - Frying Pan
812 - 032C - Spice Rack
813 - 032D - Dummy 103
814 - 032E - Dummy 104
815 - 032F - Dummy 105
816 - 0330 - Dummy 106
817 - 0331 - Dummy 107
818 - 0332 - Dummy 108
819 - 0333 - Dummy 109
820 - 0334 - Dummy 110
821 - 0335 - Hoe
822 - 0336 - Watering Can
823 - 0337 - Sickle
824 - 0338 - Axe
825 - 0339 - Hammer
826 - 033A - Milker
827 - 033B - Clippers
828 - 033C - Brush
829 - 033D - Bell
830 - 033E - Sthetoscope
831 - 033F - Fishing Rod
832 - 0340 - Master Rod
833 - 0341 - Snowboard
834 - 0342 - Skateboard
835 - 0343 - Blue Umbrella
836 - 0344 - Striped Umbrella
837 - 0345 - Ruby Red Umbrella
838 - 0346 - Indigo Umbrella
839 - 0347 - Dummy 111
840 - 0348 - Dummy 112
841 - 0349 - Dummy 113
842 - 034A - Dummy 114
843 - 034B - Dummy 115
844 - 034C - Turnip Seeds
845 - 034D - Potato Seeds
846 - 034E - Cabbage Seeds
847 - 034F - Cucumber Seeds
848 - 0350 - Asparagus Seeds
849 - 0351 - Strawberry Seeds
850 - 0352 - Tomato Seeds
851 - 0353 - Corn Seeds
852 - 0354 - Onion Seeds
853 - 0355 - Watermelon Seeds
854 - 0356 - Pineapple Seeds
855 - 0357 - Pumpkin Seeds
856 - 0358 - Radish Seeds
857 - 0359 - Eggplant Seeds
858 - 035A - Carrot Seeds
859 - 035B - Yam Seeds
860 - 035C - Green Pepper Seeds
861 - 035D - Spinach Seeds
862 - 035E - Daikon Seeds
863 - 035F - Bok Choy Seeds
864 - 0360 - Pink Rose Seeds
865 - 0361 - Marguerite Seeds
866 - 0362 - Carnation Seeds
867 - 0363 - Casablanca Seeds
868 - 0364 - Red Rose Seeds
869 - 0365 - Sunflower Seeds
870 - 0366 - Nadeshiko Seeds
871 - 0367 - Gerbera Seeds
872 - 0368 - White Rose Seeds
873 - 0369 - Snowdrop Seeds
874 - 036A - Gentian Seeds
875 - 036B - Blue Rose Seeds
876 - 036C - Wheat Seeds Seeds
877 - 036D - Rice Seedling Seeds
878 - 036E - Buckwheat Seeds
879 - 036F - Soybean Seeds
880 - 0370 - Coffe Tree Seeds
881 - 0371 - Cherry Tree Seeds
882 - 0372 - Peach Tree Seeds
883 - 0373 - Banana Tree Seeds
884 - 0374 - Grape Tree Seeds
885 - 0375 - Apple Tree Seeds
886 - 0376 - Mandarin Tree Seeds
887 - 0377 - Cocoa Tree Seeds
888 - 0378 - Tea Tree Seeds
889 - 0379 - Fertilizer
890 - 037A - Water Fertilizer
891 - 037B - Speed Fertilizer
892 - 037C - Bounty Fertilizer
893 - 037D - Last ( actual item name )

!Location and Menu Modifier

::Everywhere is Storage
:::Press Select + L
94000130 FDFB0000
120526F4 00000044
D2000000 00000000

::Location Modifier
:::Select + Left = Left Village, Select + Right = Right Village, Select + Up = Mountain Top
94000130 FFDB0000
92186102 00000010
22188EC4 00000014
12186102 0000002F
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFEB0000
92186102 00000010
22188EC4 00000000
12186102 0000002F
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FFBB0000
92186102 00000010
22188EC4 0000000D
12186102 0000002F
D2000000 00000000

time modifer
Press Select + L = On, Press Select + R = Off
Freeze Time
94000130 FEFB0000
020E4B10 02800001
D2000000 00000000
94000130 FDFB0000
020E4B10 02800000
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FFFB0000
22041BE7 00000006
22041BE8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FFFB0000
22041BE7 0000000C
22041BE8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FFFB0000
22041BE7 00000012
22041BE8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

94000130 FFFB0000
22041BE7 00000017
22041BE8 00000000
D2000000 00000000

:Animal Affection Multiplier
:::Do not use the multipliers if affection is at max level
:::instructions on dcmbrnite's comment
520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840080
D0000000 00000000

520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840100
D0000000 00000000

520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840180
D0000000 00000000

520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840200
D0000000 00000000

520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840280
D0000000 00000000

520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840300
D0000000 00000000

520E2F18 98BD8038
020E2F1C E0840380
D0000000 00000000

:Villager Affection Multiplier

02000200 E1A05085
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

02000200 E1A05105
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

02000200 E1A05185
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

02000200 E1A05205
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

02000200 E1A05285
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

02000200 E1A05305
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

02000200 E1A05385
02000204 E1D420B0
02000208 EA047C80
5211F404 EBFBA6F2
0211F40C EAFB837B
D2000000 00000000

!Villager Affection Modifier

::1 Flower
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 00000000
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

::2 Flowers for Affection
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 00002711
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

::3 Flowers for Affection
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 00004E21
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

::4 Flowers for Affection
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 00007531
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

::5 Flowers for Affection
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 00009C41
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

::6 Flowers for Affection
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 0000C351
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000

::7 Flowers/Max Bloom for Affection
:::Press Select
94000130 FFFB0000
C0000000 0000001E
12040860 0000EA61
DC000000 00000014
D2000000 00000000
Harvest Fully Grown Crops from WiFi Field by Leo Kaikiske
note: water will freeze if this code activated, hit with hammer to make it normal again
520E7720 E350003B
020E7724 EA000008
D2000000 00000000

Credits to original creator of this cheat. and Vodqu from Kaskus

for those who too lazy to input these codes intoย theirย cheat databse, here some refreshments from CMP ๐Ÿ˜›

I’m not the one creating this code, some have been tested, not all.
any comments? write it down below ๐Ÿ˜€

p.s : for those who want to copy the code to your own blog, you’re free to do it, as long you remember to give credits to original creator of this code (not me :p)


855 comments on “Harvest Moon : Tale of Two Town AR codes

  1. Can I ask something?
    So recently I tried the flower bloom to 3, and I noticed that even though I have disabled the cheat, the cheat somehow still working, and no matter I talked to any girl, the flower is bloom,,

    Is this bad? Will this stuck my life to forever to 3 bloom stage of flower with the girl I crushed on??
    And, how to turn off the cheat?
    Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. HI
    I used the Villager Affection Multiplier *128
    and now it won’t off
    I off and remove and disable cheats and restart the game but it won’t of
    what should I do?
    sorry for bad english

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  4. Gan, kok baru beberapa kali pakai cheats, trus cheat nya gak berguna lagi. pas coba item modifier untuk yg sekian kalinya, it’s not working. Harus gimana ya gan?

  5. So your clothing cheat does work.
    you have to press R+Select
    it will give you all clothing except the wedding outfit
    as well as all the carts

  6. gan, ane make cheatnya (Thanks! btw)
    Tapi gatau kenapa apa karena cheatnya anak ane kok gak tumbuh ya… sudah 136 hari…

    (gue pake cheat hari sama musim juga btw)
    thx before!

  7. 2205913A 000000FF
    22059128 000000FF
    02059140 00FFFFFF
    02059118 FFFFFFFF
    0205911C FF7FE04E
    This is the japanese version for the max building. Will someone please bekind enough to change it into the us version???? Or can even tell me how to convert it please?!!

  8. How do I use the Hex code or better the item modified i want to have tom yo gom but i don’t know how to use it x.x help pls

  9. I don’t know how to use the cheats.. I have enabled them but when I press the button in game to activate the cheats nothing happens. I do see a black stripe on my screen when pressing the button, so I know my card does acknowledge it but the cheats don’t work.

    • pake yg ini.
      ane berhasil nyoba yg slot di tas x99
      terus jualin barang2 nya..
      jadi nga perlu cheat GOLD.
      jadi males maen kalo duit nya ampe 999.999.999.999 mah

      ::Max Gold
      :::Untuk mengaktifkan Tekan Select
      94000130 FFFB0000
      0204FCB8 3B9AC9FF
      D2000000 00000000

      Untuk Tas

      ::Solt Pertama 5 Stars
      :::Untuk mengaktifkan Tekan Start + A,(Jangan Menggunakan barang apapun seperti Cangkul ketika mengaktifkan)

      94000130 FFF60000
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::12 solt pertama Menjadi 99x
      :::Untuk mengaktifkan Tekan Select
      94000130 FFFB0000
      C0000000 0000000B
      2204D8AE 00000063
      DC000000 00000030
      D2000000 00000000

  10. The Villager Affection Modifier doesn’t work for me, when I go sleeping (without saving), my game freezes. And the village affection multiplier too. Can someone help me ?

  11. Hello if you see this could you help me find/make an infinite gift acceptance code? so that you can gift many things at once? thank you!

  12. modifikasi untuk bag Quantity x99
    1-12 slot
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 0000000B
    2204D8AE 00000063
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000
    1-24 slot
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 00000017
    2204D8AE 00000063
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000
    1-36 slot
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 0000002F
    2204D8AE 00000063
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000
    sama halnya untuk max star dan freshness cuma ganti 0B dengan 17 [1-24] dan seterusnya… tapi hati-hati kalau ada peralatan kebunnya!!!

  13. I have a 3DS and one day I awoke to having two sickles I didn’t think anything of it until I couldn’t find my axe!!! Any way to fix this??

  14. Angga Agia Is there any code to change the color of your pet. I didn’t know that they sell pets with diff colors each year till i read it in fogu.com, I got max pets and you can’t sell them and they don’t die either. Was wondering if there’s a possibility you could change at least the color of them. Makasih ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Hello Tweenbee,
    I have a big problem. After I use the Instant Harvest, and turned it off, then restarted the console, it wouldn’t turn off. It keeps harvesting even tho it’s not sickled or hoed. i can’t do any irrigation trenches anymore. and can’t sickle or hoe or even plant on some areas of the field. Please find a solution about this. i can’t find the last save game i have before this cheat.

  16. please help me! I have used the first 12 slots x99 quantity cheat and my hoe got a quantity of 99 then when I click it my game freezes! Please help me! How can I remove it?

  17. Is there a code for removing all the clothings? I tried the code that unlocks the clothes right in the beginning of the game. Now, I actually want to try collecting them but I don’t want to restart my game.

      • Oh tnx ,
        how do i use the animal affection multiplier? O.o
        Do i need to copy all ? Like this : ?

        :Animal Affection Multiplier
        :::Do not use the multipliers if affection is at max level
        :::instructions on dcmbrnite’s comment

        or change it to :

        :Animal Affection Multiplier

  18. Hi, was wondering — I wanted to use the cheat to generate a velvet brush-foot butterfly into my inventory, but it goes to my bag rather than my critter bag?? and when it does I can’t get it out of my bag, and the requestor doesn’t want it either. Do you know what I can do about this?

  19. Im very very confused on the item generation. I need to make lumber because i accepted a stupid renovation request without having an axe x.x Aghhhhh. If you could PLEASE help that would be very nice. thanks!

  20. I don’t get the codes. ;-; with the numbers I’m like WAT. Is the cheat database also can be used for the computer version of hmtott?

  21. hi may i ask some question??…i bought blue feather and want to give to the girl i want to marry but she didnt accept ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    • numpang nanya,, aku baru liat coge2nya, trs ada yang ga aku ngerti cara masukinnya
      882 – 0372 – Peach Tree Seeds
      883 – 0373 – Banana Tree Seeds
      884 – 0374 – Grape Tree Seeds
      nah itu cara masukinnya gmna?? ga ngerti… makasih yaa :))

  22. excuse me .. i’m new to using cheat codes with pressing buttons involved .. how do i know when to press the buttons? before the game?

      • i’ve been trying to use the code for tom yum goong but i dunno which parts to change to make the code work ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • use this code :

        94000130 fffb0000 // press select
        1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
        d2000000 00000000

        replace the xxx with this : 003A

        soo it will be like this :
        94000130 fffb0000
        1204d8a4 0000003A
        d2000000 00000000

        note: this will replace any item on your 1st slot, make sure you don’t have any tools in that slot, or your tool will be gone and possibly causing the game to crash.

        make backup save before you enter the cheat!

  23. gan minta AR code yg buat time freezer ada ga?…sama itu buat yg time modifier…pas udh kebablas sore di pencet select juga tetep msh sore cuma jamnya aja yg balik lagi ke 12.00…itu ngaruh ke jadwal orang”desa ga?

    • ada kan?

      time modifer
      Press Select + L = On, Press Select + R = Off
      Freeze Time
      94000130 FEFB0000
      020E4B10 02800001
      D2000000 00000000
      94000130 FDFB0000
      020E4B10 02800000
      D2000000 00000000

      buat proofnya agak belakangan ya, lagi banyak kerjaan jadi belom bisa posting video hehehe

  24. um, knpa ya pas ngecheat max money.a ga bisa?? padahal wktu aku ngecheat yg +$10.000 itu bisa, tpi yg max money ga bisa

    • just a small question: is there any chance that the date modifier has effects on how long I have to wait until the pregnancy is announced and the baby is born? don’t want to wait that long and I thought by cheating time forward I could speed things up, but apparently that doesn’t work. thanks in advance =)

  25. The year modifier code (22041BEA 0000000X) doesn’t work for me, can anyone help?
    Do you just have to press select for that one as well?

      • Made no sense.
        And…In the past?…..I have only just gotten action replay….And I haven’t had zero luck…=\ The Codes for my things have been working, just some do not wish to work for me, unless I play about with them…

        And you put too many e’s in another…it is one ‘e’….

        And I was JUST asking if there was a faster way on getting your request level up, doesnt not AUTO mean ‘another code’

  26. and i posted the last comment but now i has a question…… I LOST MY HOE! WHERE DID IT GO! i used the item modifire to get another hoe but it froze. and i read in you cheats it would do that with items that shouldnt have star rating, but any item will temporarily take the atributs of that in witch it is replacing. but being as its the first item it shows you its stats first and freezes. what do i do!

  27. ok everyone! i have an idea, copy and paste all the codes to a word document and then when you need a specific code or cheat, type in the key words and you will find it. example: say you are on a request more specific, ash’s rank c animal tools where he will give you a bell if you in return bring him 1 milk with 1 star or more and 1 wool 1 star or more. you go to your microsoft word document and go to the bonoculars icon. this icon represents ”find” and depending on your settings will even say find next to it! HOW HANDY IS THAT! so you click on that and type in the navigation box wool, it comes up in my case with 5 matches
    Wool, Good Wool, Great Wool, White Alpaca Wool, Brown Alpaca Wool, but that is asuming you can at least spell wool. i click on wool and it sends me too where it gives me the code and says the item # is 0228, i do the same with milk, which in this case has 12 matches and the one i was looking for was # 0222. this works for all words you are looking for so you can easyly find what you are looking for.

    • err isn’t using ctrl+f in your browser is more handy?

      anyway it a good idea for those who doesn’t have 24/7 internet connection though

      thanks for the idea ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Gan Mau nanya kenapa kalo pake bag slot 1 item modifer ga bisa di pake barusan udh di coba yang di save dulu terus di load tapi koq itemnya malah ilang ya gan itu gimana yah???

    mohon pencerahannya gan admin ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. How do you use the Bad Item Modifier?
    Like I tried it like how it says how to do it, but it doesn’t work…So help?

  30. The Flower codes do not work, I tried them and they have no affect what so ever, all it does it freeze your game..

    So what is happening? Like I put the right code in and all, but yeah it like freezes.

      • well it worked for me and im using desmume emulator for the laptop. all i can say is yes thier flower level does go to max, BUT you stil have to view ALL that characters (that being who your courting) all of their flower (heart) events.

      • I am using Action Replay…
        And I have tried the codes over and over again, still doesnt seem like it works or anything…I am using the x16 villager affection.
        I want to try the flower code again, but last time I tried it…it froze my game…

  31. gan pas aku coba di no$gba kok gk bisa yah
    emm coba deh gan coba nge cheat di no$gba bisa gk
    pleasee yah gan perlu banget

  32. Maz, mau nanya :
    1. gimana cara nge-building?
    2. Apa cheat fishing road ?
    maz Angga ato siapapun yg tau tolong jawab yaa

  33. Cant use the freeze time code, im using desmume emulator

    But the code for 6am work, only if i press the select then the time reset to 6

    Any solution sir ?

    • I tried using the freeze time, it didn’t work. But then I started a new game on Desmume and the time was frozen without me putting the code in. So I added the 12 PM code so I wouldn’t be stuck at 6 AM. I can’t turn the freeze time cheat off. :/

    • ok well first i must tell you that you cant enter the cheat straight into the game. when people say you need an ar, they mean an action replay, its an acrinim. it sorta resembles a ds game, but but its twice as long. you can buy them at game stop i think. you can get a dsi action replay also, it works for the normal ds also. but the codes are slightly different because of different action replay devices. they may have a 3ds action replay also but i dont have ds at all. so i dont know. but i USED to. i have used the normal ar and the dsi ar, and i find the dsi ar is faster and more efficient.
      so to enter a code into the normal ar you need to put it into your ds and let it load up, the more games codes programed on it the longer it will take. so now it will automatically take you to the game you have inserted IN THE ACTION REPLAYS GAME SLOT. if it dosnt then it will say unknown game and give you a bunch of letters and #s if the letters and numbers happen start at step 1. if it takes you to the game then skip to step 6.
      1. write down the letters and numbers including the hyphen.
      2. click on the big green circle with an astrisk (*) at the lower left corner of the touch screen.
      3. select add new game
      4. it will ask you to put in the NAME of your game you have inserted enter it in.
      5. it will then ask for the new game id that you wrote down in step 1, type it exactly as you see it because it is case sensitive.
      6. now it will take you to the screen that you turn on and off cheats. if you have any at all, it will not have any if you had to imput the game and its id in manualy
      7. if it dosnt have the cheats you want or any at all you click on add new cheat and enter the name of the cheat and the codes that have been given on this webpage.
      8. click on a cheat to turn it on.
      *the dsi action replay works about the same way*
      NOW if you are in my case using an emulator like desmume and want to add cheats its easyer because you can copy and paste them.
      IF YOU ARE USEING DESMUME! then go up to the tool bar and clck on emulation. in the pull down go to cheats and click on list, click action replay and copy and paste the cheat and add a name. to turm on the cheat you have to click on that cheat when it is highlighted, so esentualy, you just clicking it twice. if there is an x next in the first ”y” grid (up and down column) then its on. if the x isnt there then its off.

    • The Oracle is a strange lady who lives on the Bluebell Mid-Mountain area. Her shrine is on the northern side of the hill and is locked until you reach year 2 in your game.

      itu rumahnya oracle gan, salahs atu kandidat nikah ๐Ÿ˜€

      • sorry if u didn’t understand..
        but i didn’t understand the one that say blue feather and whatever it say..
        and i don’t know how to use it because i’m kind of confused..
        can u teach me?

      • okay that’s better.

        the blue feather is an item you use for proposing to your candidate in harvest moon.

        in this version of harvest moon, from what i know, marriage is not possible in year 1 because the assignment for large bed is in year 2.

        the blue feather can be acquired in item store in konohana or bluebell.

        BUT, in some cases, people lot their blue feather cannot get another one in store. so they must use cheat to make it appear in item bag.

        here’s the code :

        Bag Slot 1 Item Modifier
        94000130 fffb0000 // press select
        1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
        d2000000 00000000

        replace the xxx with 001 for blue feather.

        remember to REMOVE all things in your bag, SAVE YOUR GAME and MAKE BACKUP save file before you use the code!
        as i won’t responsible if your save file is corrupted, because i already give you the warning and precautions ๐Ÿ˜€

  34. Is there a villager affection modifier that only affects regular villagers and not bachelors/bachelorettes? (Let me know if a code for that was already in the list, because I didn’t see any.)

  35. I use a DS for the codes and all the ones I’ve used seem to work, but I dont think DS games are supposed to lag… Anywho, great codes! Thx! ๐Ÿ˜€

  36. Hello, I just made a code for Request Level

    Code: 0203D91C 000030D4

    How to use:
    1 – Ingame, turn on the code
    2 – Check if your request level is 9
    3 – Turn off the code
    4 – Make any request quest to get Request Level 10!

    You get the title “Goddes’ Go Getter”

    • untuk pencet select di desmume tiap orang itu beda2 gan. kebetulan gw yang udah terbiasa dengan emulator visual boy advance, ngatur settingan select nya di key backspace jadi kalo pencet select ya pencet backspace aja :p

      buat config control di desmume bisa masuk lewat sini :

      aplikasi desmume > config > control config

      ntar keluar window baru tempat ngatur tombol2 gan ๐Ÿ˜€

      dicoba dulu ya ๐Ÿ™‚

    • gan , ane mau nanya nih , kan si Oracle itu di tahun ke 2 kan ? tapi ko pas winter tahun pertama ada misi buat dapetin snowboard ke si oracle itu , gimana nih ? ane bingung -_-

  37. ko, aku pake desmume. tp setelah masukin action replay trus add ttp aja stiap kali ga bisa di save gimana ya caranya? makasih ๐Ÿ™‚

      • gan mo nanya nih tuh cheat day,season,sma year modifer koq gk work di NO$gba ane ya
        trus event yg katanya tiap 2 musim ada bruang yg hancurin batu di mountain gitu tolong di jabaw ya gan

      • kalo di no$gba gw belom pernah coba gan, di tempat lain pun yang gw coba itu cheat yang “standar” kaya gold, affection etc.

        kalo day modifier dsb dsb gw ga pernah pake soalnya pas harvest moon DS save file gw corrupt gara2 itu ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

        okey, event yang ini kah?

        Those events are tied to the tunnel clearings. After Eileen clears the tunnel the first time, walk thru the mountain area and you’ll eventually trigger a bear event.

  38. Hi, I feel a bit silly to ask but um I already happen to have a usrcheat which consists of cheats for all the other games on my r4 apart from HM: Tale of two towns and since the mediafire link of your usrcheat has it, how do I use both without having to replace either? Because if I just copy both it doesn’t seem to appear on the menu of the r4 for activating the cheats on HM : Tale of two towns :/

    Please help :c

  39. Hey, i’m on the House Expansion upgrade but I can’t seem to find any 1.5 or above branches or stones, and i’m still on the axe request so what code would i need to input to get 30 of each at the required star rating? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. gan kok ga bisa ya? saya pakai emulator desmume, terus saya udah coba masukin cheat nya yang 7 flower\max bloom, saya juga udah coba kasih hadiah dulu yang dia suka, tapi ga terjadi apa-apa ><

      • jadi gini, masukin cheatnya, terus pas in game kasi hadiah satu aja yang paling di suka sama cewe yang agan targetin, ga usah banyak2 soalnya yang berlaku per hari cuman 1 gift.

        nah abis ngasi gift itu, agan tidur & save, besoknya coba liat bunga si cewe, kalo gw sih langsung bunga merah mekar meriah ๐Ÿ˜€

      • semua kodenya baru work abis tidur ? saya udah coba masukin kode yang fried rice tapi ga ada fried ricenya ??

  41. Hasil mencari kode di G00gle

    ::::Always 10 Fodder in Livestock Feed bin [atas bawah]
    22040BAA 0000000A
    22040BAB 0000000A
    22040BAC 0000000A
    22040BAD 0000000A
    ::::Always 10 Fodder In Chicken Feed bin [atas bawah]
    22040BA6 0000000A
    22040BA7 0000000A
    22040BA8 0000000A
    22040BA9 0000000A
    ::::Always 8 Pet Food in Pet Bowl
    22040BA5 00000008

    ::::Always 10 Fodder In Chicken Feed Bin
    22040BAE 0000000A
    ::::::::Always 10 Fodder in Livestock Feed bin
    22040BAF 0000000A
    ::::Always 8 Pet Food in Pet Bowl
    22040BA4 00000008

  42. I’m trying to use this code for the item:

    94000130 fffb0000
    1204d8a4 00000E23
    d2000000 00000000

    But I press select and it doesn’t work… |:
    (I’m using the new version of Desmume)

  43. Does anyone have code multiplier 1 so that after using action replay multiplier 128, we can turn it back to normal or anyone has cheat that disable all cheats?

  44. Hi!!! I’ve recently managed to get the stupid cheats working and it has taken me SO LONG and it only worked after I downloaded your on usercheat.dat file from a convo you had with a nother person on here =) I also noticed that you have new cheats liks the money and clothing one which I really want. I own a TTDS card with menu 1.18 so you can add that to the list of software your cheats work on =) The only problem I’m having is that I cant open your usercheat.dat on cheat engine, it just crashes. Any ideas?

  45. is there a code for allowing to marry some1 without completing the requirements??? i wanna marry Dirk, but im too lazy to give him 80 gifts…

  46. How many times can you use the 10,000G code? I am on the House Expansion ‘S’ request and need 1MillionG FAST!!! Any codes for that by any chance? XD

  47. Excuse me, please. I am new and I’am playing Harvest moon The tale of two towns. Yesterday, I used the Animal Affection Multiplier ( *16 ) when my animals have max hearts. What will happen after that? . I am very worried now. Please someone help me !!!

    • you get a boring game :p

      just kidding, i never use x16 because it seems the code is going to instantly fill up the heart meter. other than a boring game because it completed almost instantly, you need to turn off the code just to make sure it safe again, you don’t want to get the game freeze aren’t you?

      I’m assuming the same safety for all the multiplier code, just use it once(for x16) or until you get the number of hearts you wanted (for x2-x8) after using it i will immediately turn off the code ๐Ÿ˜€

    • 94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
      d2000000 00000000

      tom yum goong replace xxx with –> 03A
      cherry pie replace xxx with –> 108
      truffle replace xxx with –> 1CB

      use only 1 item modifier code at a time because it only modifies slot 1, if you use 3 of them at the same time, there’s a high chance you save game file will get corrupted ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I tried this, but it didn’t work…So…what is happening?
        I did it for the Lumber and Material Stone, and had nothing in my item bag, one at a time…yet when I hit select, nothing happened…

  48. if you wanted 99 of lumber and cheery pie and TomYumGoong and Trifle and Material stone how would you put those into the code im still trying to figure this out but im am still haveing no luck ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  49. Hi, I happen to have the 3ds version and I see all these codes o_o, so apparently these codes work with other softwares that you mention and I have no idea what those are air how to achieve or use them. I’m interested n using and inputting these codes for my game. But is there a way to get these codes or use them for my game? Since its 3D? I have patience, and would like it if you could email me showing me how personally to achieve these codes into my game. Though I know more about replay but there isn’t a 3ds action relay yet but there is the dsi action relay with works with the 3ds so yeah please contat me. ๐Ÿ™‚ really appreciate the codes sharing. But please contact me x3 I wanna win mikhail’s love lol.

    • I’m sorry but there is currently no way to hack the 3DS. it uses AES encryption, a very strong encryption. There are newly dumped roms, however the 3DS doesn’t have a flashcart since the 3ds has a “whitelist” of chips that it should or should not run. The only way (my guess) is that a flash cart has to enter the 3ds under the name of something different.

      Basically, you can’t use these codes.

    • caranya,
      1. masukin ARnya,
      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      2204d8af 0000xxxx // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
      d2000000 00000000

      2. ganti “xxxx” di AR dengan hex list yang udah ada. contoh, saya mau failed dish (0018)
      ARnya jadi begini
      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      2204d8af 00000018 // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
      d2000000 00000000 (perhattin xxxx nya diganti sama 0018 (failed dish))

      3. aktifkan ARnya, terus tekan select. jadi dah failed dish di 1st slot bag-nya @mira.
      (saran, usahain item (di 1st slot) yang mau dimodif adalah item yg gak banyak gunanya (weeds etc.). kalo pacul yg jadi failed dish gigit jari dah..

      semoga membantu

    • nih caranya,
      1. masukin ARnya. tanpa tanda kutip
      “94000130 fffb0000
      1204d8a4 0000xxxx
      d2000000 00000000”

      2. masukin itemID code-nya (contoh, saya mau failed dish (ID-nya 0018) kenapa failed dish? contoh.=) )
      “94000130 fffb0000
      1204d8a4 000000018 —> -perhatiin deh xxxx di AR-nya kuganti dengan ID dari failed dish.-
      d2000000 00000000” gapake tanda kutip.

      3. aktifkan… terus tekan select. jadi dah.
      semoga membantu =)

  50. how do i get the cheat database onto my 3ds ( using the ds version of game) i found out the website to download the cheating thing from but idk how to get it onto my 3ds. answer asap thanx ๐Ÿ˜€

  51. Help! I cant find a code for Max Buildings, Have Lumber and Material Stones and Have All Items!
    I need it! Can someone help me? Oh and also the Wild Animal Affection Cheat.

  52. soo………. how do you put codes onto your ds?! confusing!!! i want the money code one!!!! plus, do you have to do the codes on the computer? or could you do it on the ds?! >_< plxz explain!!! breifely!!!

    • you cannot use the cheats on ORIGINAL CARTRIDGE
      you put the code into DS using flashcart or action replay device. i don’t know much about AR device, since i don’t have one.

      okaay… i suppose you don’t understand my post about using r4cce either you don;t understand indonesian or the google translated it poorly, anyway since I’m not in the mood for explaining today i just give you the database

      1. download this : http://www.mediafire.com/file/q6cd555fsz82mxu/CMP_USRcheat.rar
      2. copy to your flashcart cheat folder in the micro sd
      3. start your ds, enable the cheat
      4. press the corresponding button to get the cheat in effect

      note : the database is usrcheat.dat, i only know it works for this flashcarts : R4 wood, r4 sdhc, GEi, Acekard2i, DSTwo

      • yes it work, many of commenters here is more than just proof, want more? go check gbatemp forum :p

        by the way, i;m willing to help, why the cheat wont work on you? what flashcart/emulator do you use?

        i tried on desmume, no$gba, r4 with wood, r4/i-sdhc(confirmed by my friend), acekard2i, supercard dstwo, and GEi(confirmed by my friend also)

        so, tell me now ๐Ÿ˜€

      • I have the Ds lite, I see what is wrong u just need to update your site for this(I for got to get ALL of the THINGS FOR THE MAX MONEY CODE, cuz I have my friends AR.)
        If it doesn’t work for me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ I will try the 10,000 mine code, but you can message or fine me at (cuz I don’t use world press) V0icelessf3ar.blogspot.com or free free to Email me or I will email u 4 some more help :/

      • nothing is wrong, just checked in my desmume, no$GBA, acekard2i, R4 with wood, R4i-SDHC, GEi, supercard DSTWO, supercard DSONE, and CycloDS iEvolution.
        tested on DS lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS.

        what flashcart/emulator are you using so YOU can say it isn’t working? while a lot of people using my compiled cheat db, cheatb0t’s code say it’s working?

        want a video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ZgZabEhIkc

        too bad ds lite flashcart doesn’t have code breakdown function, it only display cheat name, WHICH i guarantee you won’t believe me.

        and btw, my cheat is come from gbatemp, and its the same code from where i get

        code from cheatb0t :

        ::Max Money
        :::Press Select
        94000130 FFFB0000
        0204FCB8 3B9AC9FF
        D2000000 00000000

        post link : http://cheats.gbatemp.net/forum/index.php?topic=6234.0

        mw site :

        ::Max Money
        :::Press Select
        94000130 FFFB0000
        0204FCB8 3B9AC9FF
        D2000000 00000000

        find the difference

        maybe i can get you other solution if you want the max money code so bad, give me your save file, any format .sav, .nds.sav, .dsv or .ds1 file and i’ll check it.

        P.S I never test any code on an original cart + AR device

  53. Hi I tried the Bag Modifier slot 1, and im trying to get Great Wool. However when i input the 22A, I keep getting Dummy 9. I tried to do any number over 100, and if it has all 3 digits to input, the item i get is whatever the last 2 digits is. So when I am trying Great wool and getting Dummy 9, its because for whatever reason the thing only reads 2A for dummy, not 22A. Can someone check the code for me for great wool, or tell me why it’s doing this. Also what are the Dummys anyways? What are those for? Please get back to me!

  54. does any one know of a code for cooking without ingrediants, i cant seem to find one that works.. it would make things so much easier lol please and thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. Um…Hello? i would really appreciate if someone can help me.
    Um, i have the max villager affection and i used a winter code during my 1st year, meaning it automatically became winter, then i met nathan, which beause of the other code, he got full flower bloom as well, so now i got to the 2nd year and am tying to unlock Alisa, so i took an Autumn code and automatically it became autumn year 2… but the problem is that Alisa wont show up… i read that you should go to the mountain peak at 10 am but nothing… am i doing something wrong? Please help

  56. mau tanya dong, aku kan mau bangun rumah nih, biar dapet lumber sama stone cepet gimana? capek manual, ga ngerti cara make yg code barang itu ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  57. Can someone help me with getting an axe…or can I even get one? I tried following the code, i’m using the US version, and I’m not 100% sure i’m doing this right
    Would you put in
    94000130 fffb0000 // press select
    2204d8ae 82403381
    d2000000 00000000

    or can you only use the code if you’ve got one already?

  58. Does Instant Harvest work on Soy Beans? It did work on Flowers. If you plant them, they will be ready to pluck, but I planted soy beans and it does not work… I know the code works because my corn grew fast. Just checking.

  59. I also would love an ar code which would cause Eileen to randomly request construction work.

    I also frequently have to do this. Take things out of storage and put in my bag. Then dump the contents onto the ground, so just that I can make everything in the storage 5 star fresh, where applicable, and 99 of everything by pressing select,
    This does not is include tools. I keep all of those in my bag, as well as the cat bell and the dog bone, although I do kind of multiply them as well.

    What I am wanting is another action replay code which creates 99 of every item in storage, not just the first 12 items as well as another a similar code for freshness, where applicable for all items in storage.

    I am pretty much using both these codes at the same time:

    !Storage Related

    ::First 12 Slots Quantity x99
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 0000000B
    2204E62E 00000063
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000

    ::First 12 Slots Max Freshness
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 0000000B
    2204E62F 00000096
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000

    My game is not freezing, but today things on the ground began disappearing before I could pick them back up.

    I would like a similar code that works for everything in storage, not just the first 12 items.
    I am referring to making 99 and 5 star fresh turnips, amethysts, fish, and bamboo, while making 99 of stuff like dog bones, cat bells, insects, old balls, fish bones, old boot, etc.

    I mean, all at the same time.

    I throw many things down, but I pick every single thing up that I throw down.

    The problem is that the storage is 6 pages long, and I am working toward 9 pages, and the bag is only 3, and will not get any bigger. Everything in storage is in a particular order, and the only way to multiply the things in the back, and make them fresh, like fertilizer and seeds is to take everything ahead of them out.

    I pretty much do this every few days, but today they began disappearing before I could pick them back up. The major problem is that I cannot make them yet. The rewards and food items that I am gifting are vanishing.

    I welcome any help with this code or codes thank you.

    • If that kind of code is too difficult, what about a code that things thrown on the ground will not disappear until 5AM, when you would pass out, if you are still awake.

      Between the 2, I prefer not to have to throw things out of my bag, and storage every few days though.

      • Pretty soon, I may do without without the item codes, but I have not made up my mind about that.

        I would like a code though that would turn all seeds into 5 star seeds.

        I would like it to work on just the seeds, which is at the back of the storage, in front of fertilizer.

        I would like there to be 99 of all of those seeds, if at all possible, but I really like the idea of the 5 star seeds.

        Have you found a code for wild animal affection yet?

        I do not know if I want a code for max building, unless it would cause Eilleen to put those construction and tunnel requests up more often, until they have all been completed.

        What about Sheng and tool upgrades. I would like that more often then just once a season as well.

        Thank you for all of your help.

      • hey sorry about late reply, got busy with my final assignment from campus…

        so i might find some solution for you, maybe not all.

        first is, all seed to 5 stars :

        ::Soil Always Fertile aka Max Star when Harvest
        E2000210 00000010
        E3A0007F E5C1000D
        E591000C EA0396D1
        520E5D60 E597102C
        020E5D64 EAFC6929
        D2000000 00000000

        use that code, then go into seed maker ๐Ÿ˜€ voila! instant 5 star seed ๐Ÿ˜€
        but it cannot give you 99 though, you must harvest 99 crop to get 99 seed CMIIW

        next, about wild animal affection, nope no luck yet, mostly i read the people in other forums said wild animal is easy to befriend with (-.-“)

        max building and requests, i don’t know about you, but i enjoy waiting to upgrade the buildings, make the game worth a while. but i will look about the codes ๐Ÿ˜€

  60. hey idk if possible but i want a code that makes Eileen put ramdom construccion requests every day or at least week :c ill apriciate any help

    • I got a code for max buildings but it’s the japanese code… Can someone convert the code???

      ::Buildings (Jap)
      2205913A 000000FF
      22059128 000000FF
      02059140 00FFFFFF
      02059118 FFFFFFFF
      0205911C FF7FE04E

  61. Hey um how do you use the item modifier thingy? Yeah um replace the xxx with the last 3 digits but after that, where will the item be placed? I really don’t get it sorry lols help ๐Ÿ˜€

    • hi ๐Ÿ˜€

      i just checked the actio replay list, in case some words get missing, but its not. at the beginning of each code i already place a description.
      in case you missed it, the item modifier description is this :

      “Bag Slot 1 Item Modifier”

      so the item will go to slot 1 of your bag, remember to save before using the code and, remove EVERYTHING in your bag. because if you accidentally place hoe,hammer,sickle,axe,watering can or something like that, the item will lost forever. you don’t want it do you?

  62. I want to double check on this information:
    I have the Us Version and I have to enter these into my ar manually.

    Is this the correct code for :Animal Affection Multiplier
    :::Do not use the multipliers if affection is at max level
    :::instructions on dcmbrnite’s comment

    x 16

    520E2F18 98BD8038
    020E2F1C E0840200
    D0000000 00000000

    dcmbrnite says:
    September 26, 2011 at 10:08 am
    after pressing select- interact with animals/pets give them treats, brush them pick them up etc.(their affection will increase-some more drastically then others-but it may take a couple days depending on how much affection you want) The code works great in my game.

    I assume that means that you take good care of them, to build their affection for you.

    Should I go to sleep and save before I notice a difference?

    I also heard that you should only the x 16 multipliers for the villiagers.
    Will this code work for bachelors and the bachelorettes as well?

    Is this the correct code?

    02000200 E1A05205
    02000204 E1D420B0
    02000208 EA047C80
    5211F404 EBFBA6F2
    0211F40C EAFB837B
    D2000000 00000000

    Angga “Tweenbee” Agia says:
    October 1, 2011 at 5:05 pm
    use it normally, enter the code, and talk to them, give them gifts etc etc.
    donโ€™t be greedy and use the x128, the x16 is enough.

    Do I need to press select for it to work?
    Should I give them gifts that they like or that they dislike for it to work?
    Do I need to save and go to sleep, or will it be more instantaneous than that?

    What about Wild animals?

    I appreciate any and all help with this information.
    Thank you.
    P.S. I only read english

    • for the animal code :
      yes it’s the correct code
      no need to save after, but just save before use the code just in case the code make your save file crash and boom.
      maybe sleep is necessary, but i don;t know for sure, because i only use x2, and it seems to me no difference without using the cheats. i got full hearts by end of summer ๐Ÿ˜€

      for the villagers code :
      yes it’s the correct code
      yes it works for bachelor/bachelorettes, I tested it myself

      for the villagers code, you don;t have to press select, because it will be automatically on. all you need to do is like my comment you quote ๐Ÿ˜€

      Should I give them gifts that they like or that they dislike for it to work?
      i assume you read this explanation from other forums, i happened to have older codes that require you to do that. but luckily, the guy on gbatemp is very generous and create the new code that don’t need to give their disliked item.

      just give them their liked items and the flower will go bloom ๐Ÿ˜€
      oh, just a precaution, if you using this code and give them their disliked items their minus points will be MULTIPLIED as well. save before you try.

      about the sleep, you have played harvest moon before right?
      the hearts points only takes effect the day after you give them gifts/talk etc etc. so yes, you’ll need to sleep to see the flower bloom ๐Ÿ˜€

      for the wild animal :
      sorry i have no luck finding the codes, still looking though ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Thank you. I really appreciate this.

        Up until this game, I have only done the codes for
        Max money, which I cannot seem to get to work, even when I press Select
        Infinite Stamina
        Freeze Time

        This time, I am using a few more codes. I may not use as much later on.

        I have used the +10,000 Money code on the first day a lot to hopefully suffice for awhile.
        I may even be able to use it occassionally later on, but It does not seem to work with infinite stamina.

        Or shall I say, that the money code works, but the stamina code does not.

        The all recipe code freezes my game on loading, but I can live without that code.
        In fact, I kind of like to actually learn the recipes.

        I have also tried the code for infinite harvest (Press the L Button)
        That code does not seem to work for me either.

        I may currently be using the instant harvest code, which does work on mine.
        It also works on flowers.
        But if I want to actually farm, I have to buy seeds, or something to sell.

        I am not very far into the game, but the seed store has been closed for a few days, and on 1 day, it was raining.

        Does this code work in the US game?

        ::Infinite Water Can
        2203D446 00000014

        I may actually use that code, when I stop instant harvesting or when I do a help request, assuming that it will work then.

        Thank you again.

      • you are very welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

        okay, may i ask you what cart/emulator are you using?

        because i tried infinite money code, infinite stamina code and infinite watering can code-on desmume, acekard2i, R4 wood, supercard dstwo, iEDGE-and it all works well.

        yes the +10K money is better to me because you can manage how much money you want, not 9999999999999999999 (-.-“)

        I have some cheat database that might work for you, because this is what happening for some people :
        they enter manually the code from my blog by R4CCE but that wont work, i dont know if they forgot to turn cheats to enable or what. to them it’s just not working.
        so i gave them CMP cheat database, and it work, i don’t know why, i checked the game ID and the code are EXACTLY the same.

        and that’s why i ask you are you using flashcart or emulator ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Actually, I do not own a flashcart or emulator. Just the Action Replay DSI device, which I purchased from the store awhile back.

        I have to enter the codes manually due to, problems with the dsi driver and my computer.

      • Actually, you are a huge help.

        Thank you.

        Many of the codes here do seem to work with my Action Replay Dsi as well.

        Are there any codes for mission days or time not decreasing?

        I appreciate your help.

      • you are welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

        yes, there are codes for time freezer :

        time modifer
        Press Select + L = On, Press Select + R = Off
        Freeze Time
        94000130 FEFB0000
        020E4B10 02800001
        D2000000 00000000
        94000130 FDFB0000
        020E4B10 02800000
        D2000000 00000000

        but it’s not usable in event with time limit, such as bug catching contest

        have a try ๐Ÿ˜€

    • ummm from what i know, the requested item is the base star you must get for the requester, it doesn’t matter if you give her a 1,5 or 5 star lumber. just find the code on the list, use ctrl+f to find lumber ๐Ÿ˜€

  63. horay……… berhasil berhasil berhasil, horey. you did it. ok mas bro. chit yang saya inginkan berhasil, makasih ya mas bro, oya mas bro punya alamat web untuk rom ndsnya ga? lagi nyari zenonia yang nds nih, soalnya kebanyakan android, pake emulatornya malah ga ngerti jalanin file .apk padahal dah susah susah download, sekali lagi makasih ya mas bro, thanks

    • Yup sama2 ๐Ÿ˜€

      alamat tempat download rom NDS : http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=10311429

      zenonia DS : zenonia di NDS itu ga ada gan, adanya DSi ware, jadi agan mesti beli dari DSi Shop model kaya App Store/Android Market/Ovi Store nya DSi. gw juga demen ama zenonia, gara2 baca ada di DS gw pengen download, sayang banget DSi ware…

      emang pake emulator apa? disini ada tutorial emulator android kok : http://www.kaskus.us/showpost.php?p=636280350&postcount=1333

      • ga ngerti dsi ware? maksutnya gimana tuh, dah lama pake nds tapi ga tau cara link atau download dari dsi ware?

        androidnya brati download lagi ya -_-a mana pake koneksi smartfren gratisan lagi, downloadnya kan lama…… huff, oya, itu post kaskusnya ga ada contoh gambarnya kan, jadi nanti nanya lagi ya mas bro ๐Ÿ™‚

      • ngerti salah satu dari ini gan :

        Apple App Store?
        Android Market?
        Nokia Ovi Store?
        Samsung Apps?
        Nexian App Planets?

        DSi shop itu ya kaya yang gw sebutin di atas gitu gan, jadi maennya ga perlu flashcart, soalnya agan mesti beli game langsung dari DSi Shopnya, abis itu game itu agan download saat itu juga ke SD card BUKAN micro sd di GEi agan.

        DSi ware itu nama app/games yang ada di DSi Shop. DSi Shop HANYA bisa diakses dari Nintendo DSi / DSi LL/XL. downloadnya pun harus via wifi dari DSinya. agan ga bisa download gamenya dari tempat lain.

        DSi ware bukan berbentuk ROM artinya ga ada / belum ada bajakannya sampe sekarang, ga tau kedepannya gimana gan ๐Ÿ˜€

        maaf ya gan, kalo emulator android gw ga terlalu ngerti, soalnya gw pake android, jadi ga perlu emulator.
        belom isi gambar yah? sekrang gw kasi yang lengkap nih linknya :

        Youwave :
        video tutorial : http://www.kaskus.us/showpost.php?p=635938128&postcount=1232
        thread official youwave : http://www.kaskus.us/showthread.php?t=8109000

        kalo mw di reply ke fb, message aja gan ๐Ÿ˜€

  64. YAY!!!! YAY!!! YAY!!!!! YAY!!!!! THE UNLOCK ALL CLOTHING CODE WORKS!!!!!! however, it doesnt give you the clothing for the opposite village. but thats okay for me since i dont really like konohana’s uniform. it makes me look WIERD!!! other than that it works!!!! YAY!!!!!! and did i mention YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • glad to hear it, recently I’ve been so busy so i can’t test by myself. for that i apologize ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      btw, you choose bluebell and get the bluebell clothes right? so it means if i choose konohana then i’ll get the konohana clothes right?

  65. hi, so i agree with lena when she asked you to check the unlock all outfits code. please try to test it as soon as you can. thank you

  66. mas bro, salam kenal, aku edi anak tanggerang, boleh minta tolong ga, bikini cheat hs yg ini buat gei, soalnya kelamaan kalo nunggu gei update, dari karnal 3.5 ke 3.7 itu aja dah brapa bulan, kalo bisa sekalian gambar langkah langkah untuk di paste di system gei, kalo cuma text aga lola aku, mohon di buatkan, terimakasih

    • GEi yah? kalo ga salah GEi pake usrcheat.dat juga kok. ntar gw cariin yang terbaru ya ๐Ÿ˜€

      kalo soal gambar langkah2 mungkin agak lama ya, soalnya gw sendiri ga pake GEi. jadi mesti minta tolong sama penghuni lounge DS yang pake GEi.

      bersabar dikit ya ๐Ÿ˜€

  67. HI!!!!!! I was just wondering if you had tested the “unlock all clothing” code. Please tell me when you can. Thanks!!! Later!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • hi ๐Ÿ™‚

      i already posted the unlock all clothings at the top of the code list, in case you missed it :

      ::Unlock All Clothings << this is the clothing code you want, my readers
      (not tested by me, remember to save!)
      :::Press Select
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204FA54 0000FFFF
      D2000000 00000000

      personally i haven't test the code because i want to get the clothes with the quests ๐Ÿ˜€
      always remember : save/backup before use any cheats

  68. gan emulator DS yg bagus apa gan ???

    kalo boleh skalian minta download linknya sama perlu ada yg di setting lagi gk di optionnya???
    thx gan sry OOT

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  70. Is there any way to convert these so the codes will work on a uk/eu copy of the game? I’ve searched EVERYWHERE and no one has them…. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • lol. Nevermind. I just received my copy of the game and it’s an import from the US… Thanks for the codes!

      • the UK game id is BKUE-067E5E05
        I really need help but i dont have the US version. I don;t especially want to get another game because i have just completed all the marriage requirements for ash and it took me ages. Please can you help?

      • The European/UK game ID is BKUE-067E5E05. I really need to convert these codes as I have the Eileen House Expansion S Request. I have 28 days to get 1MillionG!!!!! I would find it very helpful if you could convert them, thanks!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • i have the uk version too and i have unlimited gold, tho i have an ar cartridge and the ds version of the game

  71. gan ,
    mau tanyak ,
    ini kan aku pake “desmume” emulator buat PC , terus game harvest moon:TToTT nya tagg dapetin dari download (jadi aq gak pake flashcard ato apa lah namanya , itu ngaruh ta gan ??).

    nah aq wes cobak masukin ke cheat tapi koq tetep gak bisa ,
    atau ada saran laen gan cara masukin cheat ke desmume yg versi emulator ??

    please reply yaa gann , butuh bnget ni .


    ohh yaa satu lagi , ane juga dari surabaya gan :p wkwkwkwkw

      • dimananya ?? di emulation , terus klik “cheat” , terus klik “list” , nahh terus pilih yang mana lagi ?? aq uwes cobak klik semua , mulai dari “internal” , “action reply” , kalo yg “codebreaker” nya gak bisa di buka (gak tau kenapa) . terus tagg masukin codenya , tapi tetep ae hasilnya sama , gak bisa T.T huaaaa .

        tolong po’o gan :p , tolong yaaa


      • lho dah work? itu pilih yang mana bisa work? kalo codebreaker rugi juga, soalnya websitenya aja udah ga ada.

        selain itu cheat yang disupport sama NDS kalo ga salah itu ya action replay ๐Ÿ˜€

  72. Does one of these codes put more slots in your bag? I tried the ::First 12 Slots Quantity x99
    code but my bag is still the same size. Thanks.

  73. Anyone up for Date Codes?

    Date codes –
    22041BE5 000000xx = 01-1f (1-31)
    22041BE6 0000000x = 0-6 (mon-sun)
    22041BEA 0000000x = Year code

    got that from looking up season codes ๐Ÿ˜€ -thanks whoever made that code

  74. gan ๐Ÿ˜€

    numpang nannya neh….

    Tuh AR nyang affection to animal ngaruh ke wild animal nggak ???

    soalnya lama bgt baekan sma wild animal, udh kasih makan, diangkat2, blom lagi tunggu waktunya muncul di daerah mana….

  75. Okay, so, for the slow people like me, what would be an example of typing in an item code? Like, how would I get Doria? I know, this is an inane question. But it’s been a while since I’ve cheated.

    • like this :

      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
      d2000000 00000000

      replace the ‘xxx’ part with 3 digit item id

      example item id for doria is 0091, use only last 3 digits so the code look like this :

      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000091
      d2000000 00000000

    • I don’t think there is a code for the bed but if you use the max money code and the max item code on the star and a half lumber and material stone, you’ll be able to upgrade your house to the required size for a big bed. Hope this helped. ๐Ÿ˜„

    • chop suey :
      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000069
      d2000000 00000000

      lumber :
      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000237
      d2000000 00000000

      dicoba gan, oiya inget yah tasnya dikosongin dulu biar aman. save sebelum pake kodenya

      kodenya dipake 1-1, soalnya cuman ada slot 1 modifier

  76. Sorry to re-ask a question if someone already did, but… Is there a code for getting the first 12 slots of the bag to full freshness and 5 stars?

  77. Okay so i want to do the item creation code, but i have no idea which code that is. I assumed it was the item modifier code, so i entered the Code for Tom Yun Guung into the place where there are “X’s” but nothing happened.

    • this one?

      Bag Slot 1 Item Modifier
      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
      d2000000 00000000

      replace the xxx with item id for tom yum goong is 03A so the code will be :
      94000130 fffb0000
      1204d8a4 0000003A
      d2000000 00000000

      remember to press select to get the item. and remove everything from your bag, just in case you “accidentally” replace equipment with food ๐Ÿ˜€

  78. Gan izin make yah
    Kalo villager affection multiplier bagusnya pake yang berapa ya?
    Ane pake 4 ko rasanya ttp kurang, gatau blm kerasa msh year 1 spring soalnya
    Bagusnya/standarnya pake yang brp yak?
    Makenya sama aja kan kek make double exp gitu kalo di pokemon centang udh aja gausah select dkk gitu kan?

    • silahkan2 ๐Ÿ˜€

      ya emang, kalo gw sih pakenya x8 ato x16 aja. segitu aja udah kenceng banget naik bunga nya.

      ya, cara pakenya sama aja kok, tinggal enable cheatnya/centang, abis itu tinggal ngomong ato kasi hadiah ke villagernya kaya biasa ๐Ÿ˜€

  79. Hi again! Just a warning to people who have this game and are trying to get codes. The one code that I got that infected my action replay did NOT, I repeat NOT, come from this site. I don’t remember the site unfortunately, but I do remember it had a code for unlocking all recipes. So if you see that site do NOT use any of it’s codes, just to be safe. Happy cheating!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  80. Hi! I was wondering if you could test the code that unlocks all the outfits. See, thing is I want all the outfits but I don’t want my action replay to become infected again. I used someone else’s code for unlocking all outfits but it infected my action replay. I don’t want that happening again so please test it for me and thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thank you SO much!! Because of that one bad code I had to buy a whole new action replay and I really dont want to do that again! Talk about a pain, I could barely find ONE of these things! So thanks again!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

      • i got my ds version of the AR off ebay, there are tons of them if u look in the rite store

  81. I love the cheats! I have one problem only. It’s with the affection 7 flower bloom cheat. Raul doesnt have the Blue feather in his shop (neither bluebell’s shop) Even with red flower. So, I decided I may have to watch the floer events first, but it wouldnt unlock!

    If you could help, that’d be awesome!

    • what year are you in? because in fogu i read these :

      The Big Bed needs to be in your house so that your spouse has somewhere to sleep.
      Once you reach year 2 in the game, check the message board in the town you are living in for the Bed Build request from Eileen.
      She will post it once you are at Request Level 3 and Eileen has over 7750 FP.
      To complete the quest, bring her 2 Ore Stones and 30,000 G to get a larger bed for your house.

      have you met all the requirements?

    • Hi! I’m responding to your problem! Why don’t you try using the item creation code? It worked for me when I wanted 99 Tom Yum Goong! I also have it for blue feather, so I’ll check it for you! I’ll tell you if it works or not. Later!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Hi again! I checked the code for the blue feather and it works!! Also if you want to buy it, it’s unlocked in year two and appears at both Raul’s shop(Bluebell) and his brothers’ shop(Konohana). ๐Ÿ˜€ Happy cheating!!

      • I’m sorry, I got the shops wrong. Raul is in Konohana and his brothers are in Bluebell. Sorry about that! XD

    • Hi!!! so i researched about bachelors and turns out they have specific flower events that can only happen on the right days, at the right time, at the right place, and saying the right thing when you get the correct time, date, and place!!! to be honest, i did it accidently with mikhail, i did his 1st flower event which is where you go with him to the springand he asks you if you want him to play his violin for you, you say yes, which makes him happy, and he begins to play. the next event is, is where you and him go down by the river and he is tired, he says he hasnt gotten much sleep over a song, so you ask if you can help him in some way, so he asks you if you know of any sounds, and you take him to the church, where you kick the bell and the gong it makes inspires him so he thanks you and he leaves. thats as far as ive gotten with him so far. hope this helps! later!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  82. why when i change the date to the first of the season, i can only see nori and sheng clothe/upgrade request but no eileen renocation?

    • i assume you have look at 2 bulletin board right? because eileen is on bluebell. and nori/sheng request is on konohana.

      i never use any date/season modifier. but i will discuss it further with my friends, maybe i can come up with a solution for you

  83. hello! firstly, i’d like to say thank you to those people who contributed to these ar codes and stuff, but i have a few problems…

    the infinite watering can doesn’t work for me, and the infinite stamina doesn’t work for me either!!

    is there a master code or something!?!?!

    • there are no master code for this harvest moon. do your cheat database use usrcheat.dat like majority of flashcarts? if so, would you like to try my cheat database?

      p.s : sorry for late answer, my pc’s hard disk got a lot of bad sectors

  84. Hey! Firstly, thanks for the cheats, but I do have ONE problem…

    I used cheat editor 1.01 and did all the cheats and put in all the codes and whatnot then i saved the file to my desktop then i put it into the “_system” folder

    next i go into my R4 through the DS and when i click Y then X, nothing happens…

    If you could help, that would be awesome ๐Ÿ˜€

  85. Klo misalnya pke galaxy eagle, ada file cheatnya kaga? Abis…uda masukin yg usercheat.dat yg ada di atas, tapi masi ga bsa pke cheatnya…

  86. Is there any code that when I press start button a requests window will pop up? I’m playing with emulator n it’s kinda anoying to move my ass from my bed just to grab the mouse. Is there any? That’s all and thanks…

  87. i’m using the instant harvest one but i can’t get it to turn off. i’ve deactivated the code and restarted the emulator i’m using but i can’t make it go away. anyone else have this problem?

  88. I gots a qusetion if i want it to be 5 stars (the first item for:

    Bag Slot 1 Star Rating Modifier
    94000130 fffb0000 // press select
    2204d8af 000000xx // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
    d2000000 00000000

    What do i put ?_?

  89. Hii im kinda a noob with this ive never had a ds or anything till about two weeks ago and my husband bout me a nintendo 3ds i was wondering if it will work for the 3ds game and if you could explain what you have to do in steps if you never done anything with r4 and i tried reading the post to see if i could get the answers from other comments but i have no idea what flashcarts and R4CCE and how to get all this stuff so i could use some of the cheats… i know im a noob lol. if its to much trouble i understand if you dont answer. just thought it would be really cool to be able to use some of them. thanks โค

    • hello ๐Ÿ˜€

      before i continue with steps, i want to ask you something, what do you use for playing the game, original cart or flashcarts?

      flashcarts is a replacement for original carts, usually their names are r4, m3, supercard dstwo, acekard2i EDGE/iEDGE etc. in some countries, they are ILLEGAL, because it allows player to play pirated games. if the explanation is still confusing for you i recommend you to take a pic of you cart, usually in the back of your 3DS, take it out, pic it, upload then post it here. so I can help with the steps if I can ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Hii thanks for replying :).

        Im playing with the original cart i havent changed anything on my 3ds since my husband gave it to me and i know he didnt change anything lol.

      • if you use the original cart, you can’t cheat (not without additional cheating accessories). the original cart doesn’t have built-in action replay system like flashcarts do.

        so if you still want to cheat, your options are : buy flashcarts or cheating accesories(which i never heard any of them for 3DS, so flashcarts is your only option.)

        feel free to comment ๐Ÿ˜€

      • how do i upload pics here? any help in easy to understand steps (preferably in english) is greatly appreciated

  90. kerenn, gan minta tolong donkkk..
    aku pake weather modifier, uda aq matiin tapi kq ttp hujan terus yaa? T.T
    ada cara benerin ga ya.. T.T

  91. Gan, I need your HELP!!
    R4 saya rusak dah lama tp lucunya untuk main HM bisa, sejak itu bolak balik pk EDGE, ga masalah sih karena ga pk cheat utk game selain HM.
    Nahh..pingin bgt main HM ini dan kan bs di cheat nih si EDGE..udah ubek2 ITC ga ada ada yg jual R4..ada yg gold ituh dan 500 rb aja..aje gile..nah dodolnya tergoda GEi dan sampe rmh buka review ternyata ini cemen ya..halah!
    Tp dimasukin cheat game lain bisa sih..cuma ga mau game lainn..mau HM Tale iniii huaaa..
    nah itu ada link diatas yg tulisannya bisa di donlot di “sini” nah sini nya mana ya?
    mohon pencerahan gan..mau dong yg buat EDGE..ihiks

    • iya GEi bisa dimasukin cheat usrcheat.dat biasa.

      cheat buat edge ya?

      coba yang ini : http://files-ds-scene.net/romtool/releases/cmp/CMP_edgeCheats.rar

      kok ga beli online aja gan flashcartnya?
      terus itu r4 rusaknya gimana?

      • Mau sih beli online tp kapan tuh lupa beli EDGE eh ga ada mulus2nya zzz…
        Akhirnya beli langsung>
        Nah itu R4 kayanya dah uzur deh..udah 6 tahun lebih hahaa.. jadi kadang kl NDSnya dinyalakan suka layar putih, kadang mau kadang ngga.
        si EDGE saya coba ga bs2 cheatnya akhirnya nyerah pk GEi yg baru beli aja..
        Yay! bisa!
        Saya cobain cheat2nya hampir bisa semua tp justru yg max money kok ga bisa ya?

      • walah gan, kalo r4 kaya gitu sama kaya gw. itu bagian kontak nya coba dibersihin pake sikat gigi bekas yang kering. kalo masih blm bisa juga bisa selipin kertas di punggung flashcart , jadi kaya ganjel gitu… istilahnya paper trick

        r4 gw digituin bisa lagi mwahaha :p
        kalo udah lama berarti itu r4 ori yah?

    • Dari kertas surat sampai kertas kartu nama sudah dicoba!
      hahaa..mayan 1 tahun terakhir sebelum eror2nya parah pk itu emang.
      Sepertinya mmg ori sih itu..
      gan..kl R4 gold utk dsi sama aja kan yah nge-cheatnya dengan R4 yg dulu2?

  92. is this for r4 or action replay because i have a ar tht works on the 3ds but wont even aknowledge that I input my game not matter what i do…it does not even popup it says insert the game, when i do nothing hapenns!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. None of these codes work on my game, and I have no idea why.. I use an R4 and have never had an issue with AR codes before. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  94. How does the very long list of codes that goes up to 893 things work? I tried making a action replay code for golden egg and cute outfit(female) and it didn’t work… what do i do to make it work?

    • uhh the outfit code is pretty useless, because the outfit is appear in your bag, not info screen. the other item code is working, please make sure you save before using any of those codes

      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
      d2000000 00000000

      above is the template item code. now you replace the xxx with one of the item code, i took example golden egg code

      94000130 fffb0000
      1204d8a4 00000227
      d2000000 00000000

      it’s like that. have a try ๐Ÿ˜€

  95. I play HMTOTT on the Nintendo DS. How can I copy these cheats into my card game? I don’t know how to use them ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Especially I need Money and Stamina :(.. Help

  96. Halo halo halo…

    Aku udah masukin cheats yang diperlukan dengan benar, tapi nggak bisa diload itu kenapa yah? Tulisannya cheats not available. Aku pake R4. Mohon bantuannya ^^

  97. Bro Angga, g khan dah nyoba2 tekan select, tp kok ngk bisa y masukin codes nya? di netendo g pake ds khan ngk bisa masukin angka2, ngimana caranya y? kasih petunjuknya y….heee….thx’s!

    Info :g pake edge

    • di NDS emang ga bisa masukin kodenya, itu kode dimasukin ke cheat database. khsusu yang main pake flashcart macem r4, m3, dstwo, dsb dsb. kalo pake crt ori nda ngerti.

      cara masukin cheat ke database bisa diliat di sini.

      kalo udah dimasukin ke cheat database tinggal copas ke micro sd flashcart. sebelum main game tingal akitvasi cheatnya aja ๐Ÿ˜€

      • hi…
        mau nanya, kamu ada link baru g buat cheat dbnya edge yg udah jadi?
        soalnya aq g bisa konvert dr usrcheat.dat jd cheat.dat…
        (sorry aq pake macbook soalnya >_< )
        thanks by the way ^O^

  98. when i accidentally inputed the wrong number of numbers for the item modifier, the thing made a weird jewel shaped item but each time i landed on the weird item, my game completely closed, is there a way to wipe out the entire bag so there’s nothing in there left? could you make a code for that? thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  99. I just got harvest moon tale of two towns and i have an action replay disc but i dont have the software that you download on the computer or the usb to connect the action replay to the computer. i see all the codes but im just wondering how i can add them when i open the action replay on my DSi, for example would i add all the codes under the *max money* above and what do i have to do with the select button.? Thanks so much.!!

    • as i comment before, i asked you whether you use flashcart (like r4, m3, dstwo, iEDGE) or original cart?

      after you input all the max money code, choose the code before you start the game, start the game, in the game you just press select button and your money will instantly go 9999999999999999 (more or less :p )

  100. Hey, how do the Bag Slot 1 Freshness, Star Ranking, and Quantity Modifier codes work? I’m kinda confused :S
    Thanks for the codes btw ๐Ÿ™‚

  101. Is there any way to input these codes without a action replay disc.? I have one but i also have a 3DS and it doesnt work with with the action replay. If so how do i input them into my game. Thanks (:

      • that will give u the action replay DSI Code manager and all u have to do is plug the cartridge into the laptop or computer and input codes that way but ALWAYS remember to click COMMIT CHANGES before closing otherwise u have to put them all in again

  102. How do you enter the codes in the game.? I have the action replay disc but i also have a 3DS and it doesnt work with it, is there any other way i can use the codes.?

    • I don’t think that you can use Action replay on 3DS, cause of the region lock or something. Action Replay currently only works for the DS, DSi,and DSi XL. In order to use the disc, you need to download it to your computer, then create a codelist with this game and enter the codes for it. Once again, action replay doesn’t work on the 3DS.

      • Can i manually put them in to the action replay disc. cause i dont have the usb connector or dick for it. If so how do i do it.?

      • You can add it on the disc but if you want the codes to work on the action replay ds, you need to enter the codes on the ds port. since you don’t have the usb connector, you should probably just enter the codes on the action replay ds port, not the disc.

  103. konbanwa,,, hajimemashite,, i’m Yuu…
    i’m really happy when i know there r action replay for harvest moon: a tale of two towns~~ >w<
    but,,, can u tell me what will happen if i use it?? well,, i love kana and hiro,,, tee~~hee~~ so i wanna know what will happen if i use cheats for affection flowers (on hiro or kana)??
    btw,,, do u know,,, how to get Wonder Fishing Rod?? I wanna to get green wonderful and purple wonderful,,, my friend said,, i can catch it with Wonder Fishing Rod,,, but i dunno how to get it… i wanna make wish,,, if i have six wonderful stones,, i can make my wish come true…. XDXDXD lolololol……


    • Hello yuu, thanks for visiting my blog ๐Ÿ˜€

      about affection, I recommend using affection multiplier not modifier, because i tried the multiplier, it works just like experience multiplier in other RPG game. for example normally you will get 100 FP by talking to them and 300 FP by giving them their favorite gifts, the total is 400 FP. I’m using the x8 multiplier so the amount of FP is multiplied by 8, so the total is 3200 FP, faster to get next level of flowers/heart.

      about wonder /master fishing rod :

      To get the Master Rod, you need to have 7750 FP with Rutger (2 flowers = 10,000 FP) and have a Request Level of 3 or higher; you can find your current Request Level inside your Info menu. Rutger will request 6000 G, 10 Old Balls, and 10 Old Boots.

      10 old balls and 10 old boots can easily gathered at bluebell river side ๐Ÿ˜€
      hope it’s help ๐Ÿ˜€

    • hello it’s like this :

      Bag Slot 1 Item Modifier
      94000130 fffb0000 // press select
      1204d8a4 00000xxx // replace with itemID
      d2000000 00000000

      that’s the code template, for example you want a tom yum goong in first slot then the code shall be :

      94000130 fffb0000
      1204d8a4 0000003A
      d2000000 00000000

      have it a try ๐Ÿ˜€ (remember to save before using any modifier code though)

  104. You know when you put a game on the action replay that it saying “unknow game” and the ID from the game on the left side of the upper screen when you dont have that game on the action replay right? Well why is it that when i put my harverst moon tale of two towns game i get this ID: BKUE-067E5E05, and not the one you have there? And even if i have a different ID shown, can i still use these codes? Will they work?

  105. item replacement code / code pengganti item (press select in game after input your code)

    94000130 fffb0000
    1204d8a4 00000xxx
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    2204d8ae 00000063
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    2204d8a6 000000ff
    d2000000 00000000
    94000130 fffb0000
    2204d8af 000000ff
    d2000000 00000000

    it will replace 1st slot item in your bag

    replace xxx with item id. visit my blog at http://www.c3budiman.tk

  106. I did the max friendship points chaet, some item mod cheats,x99, max freshness, max stars, and max money cheat…….I wanna get all the clothes and be ABLE to put them on so I try to do the requests on the board but only the work outfit and casual outfit request came up. I did all of those. Then it’s passed two weeks or so…..is there anything i have to do to get the next request because its not coming up on the message board or is it the cheats messing it up? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Thank you!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ I just figured out that at I have to wait a season for the next request lol and still trying to get that board request level up cause I just got to level 2

      • you’re welcome ๐Ÿ˜€

        ah yes, the important request only appear only one time per season because their deadline time is 30 days ๐Ÿ˜€

        good luck finishing the villager’s quest ๐Ÿ˜€

    • level 3 bed, for the baby?

      this is the only thing i can get from fogu :

      If you want to have a child, you will need to wait 31 days after the wedding, have the second bed upgrade, and have your house reformed. The house upgrade will cost you 30 Material Stone, 30 Lumber, and 1,000,000 G.

      i haven’t married to any bachelorettes yet, just focusing on development on my farm.

  107. By the way tested the instant harvest code works on flowers, but after having the code on for awhile I think it might have corrupted my save file.

    • really? well, ithink i should put another warning for the codes….

      i never use the instant harvest personally, as i prefer waiting the crops to grow. watching them grow from saplings to fully grown plant is a joy to me ๐Ÿ˜€

  108. Uh…I used the one of the bag codes and it seems items in my bag keep on disappearing, for example I made some icecream and the next day it was gone from my bag. I know for a fact I did not sell it or dispose if it because the same thing happened to my blue feather…is there anyway I can get another blue feather..?

    • as i warned other poeple before, the bag codes are a bit tricky to use, dcmbrnite comment tell me if he want to use the code, he remove everything in the bag to storage. so minimize the risk of getting item lost.

      as for the blue feather, here’s quote from fogu :

      The feather can be bought from either shop, but you can only buy it once; if you somehow lose it, then it is gone.

      i’m sorry i think in this HM. the blue feather doesn’t re-appear like other HM. maybe you can try using bag codes for blue feathers without anything in the bag?

  109. Does the Animal Affection Multiplyer work on pets? It works on the cows, sheep and chicken… I’ve tried it out and it didn’t work, so I was wondering if I need to use a higher multiplyer or it just doesn’t work for pets.

    Thank you

    • Nevermind, I found a past comment saying it works.
      Now all I have to do is wait for the General Store to open so I can feed it :3

      • sorry for late answer, yes it works ๐Ÿ˜€

        oh yeah, the affection rate for animal in this harvest moon is quite high, i don’t use the cheat, still my cow, lamb and chicken have full heart at mid summer ๐Ÿ˜€

    • well currently i can’t find one, but… if there’s any code of it, then it will make the game very very very easy.

      the village hearts isn’t so hard to get, just keep entering the cooking festival, the heart will fill, slow but steady as you enjoy the game thoroughly ๐Ÿ˜€

  110. Thanks for posting codes for this game. I have a request for a code. My request is a code for max level request, all fish caught, and all bugs caught.

  111. My action replay dsi doesn’t recognize my HM tale of two towns game, does anyone have an idea of how to fix that problem? I’ve tried almost everything, I even updated the thing and nothing, it reads all my games except for HM 10 tales…

  112. I dont get any of this….. how do i use the codes? can someone tell me from the start cuz idk what i’m doing and how all these codes works and etc.

  113. This is not working it on my HMToTT it only makes my First 12 slot 5 stars

    ::First 12 Slots Max Freshness
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 0000000B
    2204D8AF 00000096
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000

    Try this, it works for me I hope anyone having this problem will also help them

    ::First 12 Slots Max Freshness
    :::Press Select
    94000130 FFFB0000
    C0000000 0000000B
    2204D8A6 000000FF
    DC000000 00000030
    D2000000 00000000

  114. I don’t understand how the cooking festival works..
    I won all I have gone so far (thanks to save state xD)
    But something is annoying me..I use the code for max quality on all the ingredients and make the meals..And I still receive a music note or even three dots sometimes..I rarely receive the heart, I’ve tried making the most troublesome dishes (like the ones who uses the most expensive ingredients),I’ve tried making the most expensive ones as well, and I tried making the ones that recovers the most stamina,I’ve tried making the same dish as another contestant as well because I thought Pierre might have some preferences..And I use extra ingredients whenever it’s possible..
    Nothing of those works, and I can’t figure out if the cooking festival is based on the dish/ingredients quality,dish’s price,dish’s recovery rate,extra ingredients,Pierre’s Preference or whatever..
    Does anyone knows how the dish’s value is calculated during the cooking festival?

    • me neither, it seems heart icon is just for the other side…

      i tried using most ingredients, musical note
      using max freshness + 5 star, musical note.
      combine them, musical note.

      i’d rather have old big gourmet on Back to Nature / Friends of Mineral Town to judge my food.

      • I rarely have that problem, I have most always gotten hearts during the cooking contests. Here is what I do.
        -Made section on my AC listed as: Salad, Soup, Main Course & Dessert
        -I copied one code for each (The highest priced item according to Ushi No Tane) http://fogu.com/hm10/activities/cooking_recipes.php
        -IMPORTANT:::Now before the contest I will either make a dish or buy one (max out stars & freshness). It does not matter what type of dish you make.
        This dish I will keep in my inventory (Nothing else should be in your bag)
        -On the day of the contest I activate the code for whatever dish I need and activate max freshness code
        -Press select and the dish will take on ALL the qualities of the dish you made or bought.

        In a post I mentioned before that the results of the contest are random so sometimes you have to restart but if you follow my steps you might find you get more hearts then music notes etc.

        here is an example (I make this dish ALL the time)
        At home I make spicy curry-very easy to make and all the ingredients can be bought-I make this the night before the contest.
        After saving I restart the game and activate the code for the contest dish I need as well as the max freshness code. Press select and the spicy curry then becomes the dish I chose.

      • I can’t be certain what it is based on, but that is my assumption. So far my method has given me hearts with a comment about the H.Goddess in almost every instance.

      • Funny you should ask… I got one the beginning of summer/fall (1st year) I think… but I’m not sure why. I thought maybe it had to do with winning all the cooking contests… but then I remember I had also learned about 80 new recipes. I’m guessing, I can’t be sure, but it might have to do with how many new critters found, recipes, number of crops shipped… it’s likely very similar to a few of the other HM games.

      • I got a trophy on the start of the summer..Haven’t played for some days, last time I played I was somewhere around Fall/Autumn…I’ve tried what you said..no changes U_U…
        Does anyone knows if there will be any Harvest Moon/ Rune Factory for Xbox 360 ever?

      • strange, u say that u get them in summer and fall but i got my first trophy in spring year 1 0.o im very confused

    • Well, this is how I do it. I make the dish with 5 star ingredients and all additional ingredients possible, I get a heart. But however, as soon as I make it I NEVER press select until the cooking festival to avoid changing the dish in some way. Before, I always got dots and notes, but now, it’s easier to win.

  115. gan kalo yang ini

    Bag Slot 1 Freshness Modifier
    94000130 fffb0000 // press select
    2204d8a6 00000006 // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
    d2000000 00000000

    Bag Slot 1 Star Rating Modifier
    94000130 fffb0000 // press select
    2204d8af 000000xx // replace with the amount you desire with hex values (00-FF)
    d2000000 00000000

    jadi kalo mau max tulis 05 yah??

    • make sure you go to right place to trigger the event. also make sure no other requirement, such as : howard 3000FP etc etc…

      i use the code it works just fine to me, and i’m also have trigger reina’s and nori’s heart events ๐Ÿ˜€

  116. HI, I was just wondering if there was a cheat to have Eileen do renevations whenever, or to get Nori to make you clothes whenever, cause this “whenever they post on the board” thing is really terrible. It makes the game a whole lot less easy to get far quickly. I dont use many cheats but I would really like to know if there was one that would make it easier for me to upgrade things when I get all the materials together and grab the money myself.

    • I sympathize, I’ve been looking everywhere for that code, but cannot come up with anything good. Unfortunately, all I come up with are building codes for IOH, SF, DS, DS CUTE, and… that’s about it. (-,-“) Talk about craziness! I am sure if codejunkies.com FINALLY gets codes for TOTT, it will have a building code.

  117. Is there any code for like 3-5 days harvest?
    I don’t wanna use the instant harvest one, it would spoil the game’s fun ><
    oh and anyone knows what's Gombe's favorite?
    I give him cold soba noodles but he says just the same thing as if he had received a common gift (The one I give don't have the same sprite as shown in HM Fogu though)

    • seems to be Sushi Bowl. Usually when you give them their favorite gift, there is a special message. In this case there was. Even the picture next to Cold Soba Noodles on Fogu was the same as the one of Sushi Bowl. So I guess it’s the right one. Hope this helps those still looking for the right gift for Gombe.

      • Thanks :D, then it’s sushi bowl hmm..
        Angga I usually plant flowers..Last time I played I was planting white roses, a great deal of the things I plant takes like 12-15 days to harvest Oo

      • yes it seems all the flowers in here is taking a long time to full bloom. including the villager’s flowers (right?)

        i tried searching at CPS but no luck finding any code to shorten harvest time.

        it’s all about instant or taking your time waiting the flower to be ready for harvesting.

  118. Couldn’t you like ask the people of gbatemp for the request of Day Modifier, Weather Modifier? Oh and by the way there is no way to befriend the wild animals every day, but you can be with them for 1 hour in-game time. Wild Animal Friend.

    • wait, only can be friend with them for 1 hour?? really? then why the ducks are keep running after i gave them the fishes?

      about the code…this one?

      :Year Modifier

      22041BEA 00000001

      22041BEA 00000002

      22041BEA 00000003

      :Date Modifier

      22041BE5 00000001

      22041BE5 00000002

      22041BE5 00000003

      22041BE5 00000004

      22041BE5 00000005

      22041BE5 00000006

      22041BE5 00000007

      22041BE5 00000008

      22041BE5 00000009

      22041BE5 0000000A

      22041BE5 0000000B

      22041BE5 0000000C

      22041BE5 0000000D

      22041BE5 0000000E

      22041BE5 0000000F

      22041BE5 00000010

      22041BE5 00000011

      22041BE5 00000012

      22041BE5 00000013

      22041BE5 00000014

      22041BE5 00000015

      22041BE5 00000016

      22041BE5 00000017

      22041BE5 00000018

      22041BE5 00000019

      22041BE5 0000001A

      22041BE5 0000001B

      22041BE5 0000001C

      22041BE5 0000001D

      22041BE5 0000001E

      22041BE5 0000001F

      :Season Modifier

      22041BE4 00000000

      22041BE4 00000001

      22041BE4 00000002

      22041BE4 00000003

      :Day Modifier

      22041BE6 00000000

      22041BE6 00000002

      22041BE6 00000001

      22041BE6 00000002

      22041BE6 00000003

      22041BE6 00000004

      22041BE6 00000005

      :Time Modifier
      :::Press Select

      94000130 FFFB0000
      22041BE7 00000006
      22041BE8 00000000
      D2000000 00000000

      94000130 FFFB0000
      22041BE7 0000000C
      22041BE8 00000000
      D2000000 00000000

      94000130 FFFB0000
      22041BE7 00000012
      22041BE8 00000000
      D2000000 00000000

      94000130 FFFB0000
      22041BE7 00000017
      22041BE8 00000000
      D2000000 00000000

      :Weather Modifier

      2204FC65 00000000

      2204FC65 00000001

      ::Heavy Rain
      2204FC65 00000002

      :::Might only have effect during winter
      2204FC65 00000003

      :::Might only have effect during winter
      2204FC65 00000004

  119. Hey Angga
    was wondering if it was possible to make a mid-game save code, so you don’t have to sleep & save. Be cool to save b4 a contest rather than redo the morning

    • oh save anywhere code? that would be cool! because dstwo’s RTS doesn’t reset the random seed when it come to cooking festival. at first I thought DStwo real time save is enough to in game random cooking seed reset, but it turn’s out no ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      so far in gbatemp CPS and HM thread, no mid-save code was posted, just these code :

      !Bachelors Favorite Gift Codes (Slot 1 – Slot 6)
      :::Press Select

      ::Slot 1 Doria (Ash)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D8A4 00000091
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 2 Tom Yum Goong (Cam)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D8D4 0000003A
      2204D8D6 00000088
      2204D8DE 00000063
      2204D8DF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 3 Cream Croquette (Dirk)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D904 00000057
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 4 Gratin (Hiro)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D934 0000008C
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 5 Spicy Curry (Kana)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D964 00000098
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 6 Boiled Tofu (Mikhail)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D994 00000076
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      !Bachelorettes Favorite Gift Codes (Slot 1 – Slot 6)
      :::Press Select

      ::Slot 1 Ice Cream (Alisa)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D8A4 000000E2
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 2 Fried Rice (Georgia)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D8D4 000000B1
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 3 Cherry Pie (Laney)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D904 00000108
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 4 Mixed Rice (Nori)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D934 000000B2
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 5 White Alpaca Wool (The Oracle)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D964 0000022B
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      ::Slot 6 Tofu Salad (Reina)
      94000130 FFFB0000
      1204D994 00000023
      2204D8A6 00000088
      2204D8AE 00000063
      2204D8AF 000000FF
      D2000000 00000000

      cheatb-t have fixed the code for tom yam, but the maker said the code is still a bit buggy ~.~

    • Well I dunno about any kind of code for this, but if you use emulators you should try Desmume 9.7 (I use it) it has save state feature.
      The only down side is that sometimes the emulator’s performance drops and the game get a little glitchy..

  120. gw mau share nih buat AR yang udah adda di versi japannya dan belom ada di USnya, kaya Max build house and Farm, Open Tunel, dan masih bnyak lainnya..

    The japan version AR is more completly, you can download in GBAtemp or googling.
    How to use japan AR to US?

    1. Backup the save file first, cause anything can happen..
    2. Download HMTTOT Japan.
    3. Rename save file with the name game japan version. ex: your japan version is HMjapan.nds, so rename save file into HMjapan.sav.
    4. Play with japan version with cheat that you want to use, load your game, Playing like usual for a day, then save it.
    5. Then, rename again your save file into name game US version.
    6. Play the US version and load game… Dum – Da – Daa – Daam.. Your cheat AR you do in Japan version still in game!

    I have test to build my House and Open the tunel, and its work!
    Sorry for my bad english.

  121. gw nemu beberapa eror nih di Max freshness 12slot storage, emang ga ngefreze, tp kadang kadang barang di storage ada yang ilang, gw sadarnya pas gw nyimpen lumber udah 60an di storage ilang tiba2 pas gw buka storage, padahal sebelumnya gw br buka storage jg dan ga ngapa2in.. ada yg fixnya?

      • oh oke deh, iya ngilngin barang, awalnya ps lumber gw ilang pertam kl kl barang kelamaan di taro di storage bisa ilang gt, taunya gra2 cheatnya. storage gw tdnya isinya smpe slot halaman ke 3, lama lama kok tinggal 1 haalaman, baru deh ngeh gw..

    • I can’t find the code for cooking without ingredients, but i found these :

      ::Go to the Recipe Press Start+A and Get the Ingredients x1 on Slot 31-36 of Bag. Choose Another Recipe and Re-Choose the Recipe Again to Cook
      :::It will replace items at Slot 31-36 of Bag. Ingredients created might be bug but the food can be eaten! This cook doesn’t give you the cooking ware.
      A2171602 00000000
      A2171602 0000032A
      A2171602 0000032B
      A2171602 0000032C
      94000130 FFF60000
      1204DE46 0000007F
      0204DE4C 96010000
      DA000000 02171602
      D7000000 0204DE44
      D2000000 00000000
      A2171604 00000000
      94000130 FFF60000
      1204DE76 0000007F
      0204DE7C 96010000
      DA000000 02171604
      D7000000 0204DE74
      D2000000 00000000
      A2171606 00000000
      94000130 FFF60000
      1204DEA6 0000007F
      0204DEAC 96010000
      DA000000 02171606
      D7000000 0204DEA4
      D2000000 00000000
      A2171608 00000000
      94000130 FFF60000
      1204DED6 0000007F
      0204DEDC 96010000
      DA000000 02171608
      D7000000 0204DED4
      D2000000 00000000
      94000130 FFF60000
      1204DF06 0000007F
      0204DF0C 96010000
      DA000000 0217160A
      D7000000 0204DF04
      D2000000 00000000

      go try it, but, make sure you have a backup save file. just in case ๐Ÿ˜€

  122. Just a note:
    -Using the item specific code has a minor effect when giving fav. food to someone (changes text color to red temporarily)
    -Changing the quantity of the first 12 slots will also increase tool quantity. To get rid of the extra tools make sure the tool is in the first slot then upon restarting the game make sure an item specific code is active. This will remove the extra tools- MAKE SURE TO LEAVE ONE TOOL IN STORAGE.
    -The item specific code for the outfits is USELESS. The outfits will be in your inventory however you CAN NOT wear them or dispose of them.
    -The code for max freshness on the first twelves slots use sparingly – as noted if a tool is in the first 12 slots your game will freeze every time you try to select the tool from your bag. regarding the watering can (not only will it freeze if selected in bag) although you can equip it by using the right bumper you will not be able to water crops. HOWEVER-if you don’t want to restart your game use the instant harvest code and avoid selecting bugged tool.

    **codes aside-HINT-parts of the game, regarding DATING, is random. If a date location which triggers an event doesn’t show you can restart till it does. This also holds true with the cooking contest. If you didn’t make first place restart & try again-you will see some different people & different dishes. As for befriending animals-all you have to do is leave them food-not sure though if you have to watch and make sure they eat it but I assume it’s similar to the phrase “if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, then did it make a sound”

    Just remember though many things are time specific and no matter the codes that are developed, at this point you often have to wait. Some characters will not appear till your second year.

    • whoa that’s a lot of notes ๐Ÿ˜€

      i know about the dating and the cooking festival restart method ahaha.

      the item modifier code always make me think twice before entering it, now i think even more after seeing your comment ๐Ÿ˜€

      ah how about i put all my items in bag into storage, then entering modifier, it doesn’t affect the cart right?

      • I have not yet seen any codes that I’ve used from you affect the cart.. so far lol. BTW the max freshness code only maxes out the stars not the actual freshness- over time I noticed items going bad yet still have the 5 star rating. I put the dating & cooking info up for the others-I figured you’d know :P.

      • yes, actually it’s not the code that risky. but the user. without enough notice and warning some people may make mistakes of their own, in the end, ruining their game.
        so it’s up to all of them to use the code as long as they know how to deal with half ruined game (multiple tools, freezes) like you did.

        I’m not using the max star in bag, just soil always fertile. that code seems to be safe for me. I’m still aiming for the UFO or whatever-the-name cart which makes your edible things keep fresh for an eternity ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Angga
        Is there a code to speed up time?
        **I used the one to slow time-more specifically during a timed contest lol BAD idea… never do it. Seems the moment you stop the time on a contest goes from being one game hour to 4 seconds Oo.

        Also, is there even a code the specifically target freshness?

      • i got this code from demonic722’s post :

        !Time Codes
        ::Time Hour Cycler (Resets the current minute)
        :::Select+Up=Increase, Select+Down=Decrease
        94000130 FFBB0000
        74000100 FF00000C
        22041BE8 00000000
        DB000000 02041BE7
        D4000000 00000001
        D8000000 02041BE7
        D2000000 00000000
        94000130 FF7B0000
        74000100 FF00000C
        22041BE8 00000000
        DB000000 02041BE7
        D4000000 FFFFFFFF
        D8000000 02041BE7
        D2000000 00000000

        ::Time Cycler (Only Hour Increase, Minutes remain the same)
        :::Select+Up=Increase, Select+Down=Decrease
        94000130 FFBB0000
        74000100 FF00000C
        DB000000 02041BE7
        D4000000 00000001
        D8000000 02041BE7
        D2000000 00000000
        94000130 FF7B0000
        74000100 FF00000C
        DB000000 02041BE7
        D4000000 FFFFFFFF
        D8000000 02041BE7
        D2000000 00000000

        ::Increase Time (Minutes)
        :::Press Select+R
        94000130 FEFB0000
        74000100 FF000015
        D9000000 02041BE8
        D4000000 00000001
        D6000000 02041BE8
        D2000000 00000000

        ::Decrease Time (Minutes)
        :::Press Select+L
        94000130 FDFB0000
        74000100 FF000015
        D9000000 02041BE8
        D4000000 FFFFFFFE
        D6000000 02041BE8
        D2000000 00000000

        haven’t try it myself but those time codes seems pretty handy

        about the code that specifically freshness i can’t find any of it, sorry ๐Ÿ˜ฆ