Review Dragon Quest IX : Sentinels of Starry Skies by Jack_Frost

DQ IX boxart

Credits : jack_Frost

Ditengah krisisnya game JRPG, Akhirnya kita semua para pencinta game JRPG dimanjakan lagi dengan game ala fantasy dungeon yang berjudul Dragon Quest 9: Sentinels of the starry skies ini Kata siapa JRPG mati?? Cobain dulu nih game

Siapa sih yang gak tau DQ?? Game fenomenal yang satu ini pasti banyak yang tau kan?? Game yang dideveloper oleh Level-5 dan dipublikasi oleh Square Enix ini akan hadir di US pada tanggal 11 bulan Juli Nanti dan dipublikasi oleh NINTENDO (Kenapa kagak Square enix US ya??), Udah pada gak sabar kan pengen maininnya??

Sama Seperti Dragon Quest 8, sistem battle kini gak lagi kayak DQ Classic yang tidak kelihatan main characternya.. kini battelnya ada animasinya, ditambah lagi grafiknya aduhai banget coy!!! dijamin sekali main NAGIH..
oh ya.. game ini ada fitur online + wifi loh jadi bisa main berame-rame hunting Keluarga Metal slime  trus ada fitur jual beli juga yg namanya wifi shop 

Nih sedikit info tentang battel sistemnya..

Battle is conducted from a combination of first and third-person perspectives. The character plans his attack from a first person perspective, selecting which opponents to target (including the ability to target specific monsters in a single group) and then switches to a moving third-person view to watch the main character’s party and the monsters battle for the round. Combat includes a combo system available both to players and monsters. When two or more identical attacks are performed consecutively on the same opponent the attack damage increases by a multiplier. A two-hit combo receives a 1.2x multiplier, a three-hit combo a 1.5x multiplier, and a four-hit combo a 2.0x multiplier. Experience points earned from battle are divided amongst all party members, but scaled for level. Higher level characters receive more experience points than lower level characters.

Update sistem multiplayer + online nya  fun abis!!


The game includes a quest system. Quests serve as side-stories helping non-player characters around the game’s world. Multiple quests can be performed simultaneously; some are interlocking, others unlock stages in fellow quests.[9] Early quests include gathering magical spring water, slaying monsters and stealing for a fellow thief. Unlike previous Dragon Quest installments, Dragon Quest IX contains many open ended mini-quests. Upon completion of the quests, a “Quest List log,” serving as an in-game achievement list.[10]
In addition the game features an infinite number of treasure maps where the player can find a lot of content.[11]

Co-op Mode

Co-op mode consists of up to 4 DS systems linking together using local wireless (similar to Pictochat) to play together. The 3 guests join the host system’s world and can go anywhere which the host has explored. Guests are not required to stay with the host, but rather can wander wherever they like. Battles can be fought as a group with the host having the ability to summon the other players into a battle using the ‘Call to Arms’ command. Guest players are given a special ‘Watchers Wing’ item which allows them to teleport back to the inn where wireless can be exited. Players can leave multiplayer at any time by speaking to Pavo at Quester’s Rest.

Wifi Shop

Dragon Quest IX features an online wifi shop which can be accessed from Quester’s Rest. This shop sells items and treasure maps which the player can purchase. The contents of the shop vary each week from player to player, so 2 different players will likely have different items for sale each week. Nintendo and Square have used the shop to distribute special bonuses such as bonus party members from past games (Hassan from Dragon Quest VI) and treasure maps which lead to caves featuring past bosses (Zoma, Dragonlord). The wifi shop can be accessed by talking to Sellma at Quester’s Rest. The wifi shop is the only multiplayer mode that uses WAN internet rather than the DS-to-DS wireless.

Tag Mode

Tag Mode is Dragon Quest IX’s passive wireless mode which is active only when the DS is placed into sleep mode. Tag mode is activated by speaking to Erinn at Quester’s Rest and selecting the ‘Canvass for guests’ option. While in tag mode, Dragon Quest IX looks for other Dragon Quest IX games and exchanges data with them.
When data is exchanged, a clone of the main character from each game is placed in the other player’s Quester’s Rest. This cloned character holds an item which can then be received by talking to him/her. The clone then continues to stay in the upper floors of Quester’s Rest unless dimissed by the player. Using tag mode like this, players can exchange various items including equipment and treasure maps with other Dragon Quest IX players.
Tag mode is wildly popular in Japan, breaking several records for most players communicating wirelessly while playing a video game. Treasure maps in particular are highly sought after as some are extremely rare with special items/equipment, while others contain excellent enemies for building levels. Tag mode, however, is dependent on the number of other Dragon Quest IX players using tag mode in any local area.

ane tambahin lagi yah, menurut Gamespot, 4,100,968 copies game ini terjual di Japan sampai Jan 5 2010. lalu Famitsu mengupdate bahwa 4,150,667 copies game ini terjual hingga 28 March 2010, Dahsyat kan??

Jadi gimana Udah kagak sabar nunggu kan?? aq aja udah kagak sabar lagi.. 

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