Wood R4 v1.23

oh well… setelah bertahan dengan wood 1.22 selama beberapa hari, wood 1.23 nongol

sebenernya udah lama file ini ada di filetrip cuman gw nya aja yang baru download, abis ga bisa maen blue dragon pake wood 1.22 😦

mudah2an aja dengan wood 1.23 ini blue dragon makin lancarrr

Change log (v1.23):

– sav-files timestamp updated on game launch.
– fatfs updated to 0.08b.

– ‘mysims – skyheroes (usa)’ fixed.
– ‘eigo de tabisutu – little charo (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘zombie daisuki (japan)’ fixed.
– ‘kaiju busters powered (japan)’ fixed.
– freezing on entering into underground in ‘pokemon diamond/pearl/platinum’ and freezing on entering into gts terminal in ‘pokemon heartgold/soulsilver’ on some microsds fixed.
– ‘blue dragon – awakened shadow (europe)’ fixed.

rpg&r4i specific:
– microsd reading speed increased. noticeable improvement can be seen at least on sandisk microsdhc cards.

yay, ternyata ada fix untuk blue dragon 😀

oh iya, ini download links nya

Filetrip | Mediafire | Filesonic

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