Wood R4 1.22

baru aja masang wood 1.21 udah maen nongol aja nih 1.22

mari sama sama kita liat changelognya 😀

Change log (v1.22):

• ‘saga 3 – jikuu no hasha – shadow or light (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘battle of giants – mutant insects (usa)’ fixed.
• in game bug in ‘ultimate mortal kombat’ that cause rare freezes at startup for a few microsds fixed.
• ‘aranuri (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘zzang-gu rubber clay (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘piyodamari ds (korea)’ fixed.

• ‘my fashion – girls style (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘pucca – power up (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘princess in wonderland (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘tomicar – hero rescue force ds (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘naruto shippuden – naruto vs sasuke (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘goldeneye 007 (france)’ fixed.
• ‘kingdom hearts – re-coded (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘art academy (korea)’ fixed.
• ‘ghost trick – phantom detective (usa)’ fixed.

eniwei, thanks to YWG & Another World for this release. you rockz!!

oh yeah the link :

Mediafire | Filetrip

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