Wood R4 1.20

wah ga disangka update wood gila-gilaan cepetnya, sekarang udah 1.20 aja nih. padahal baru kemaren rasanya masang 1.19 di DS (padahal emang)


YWG emang mantap gila, ngupdate versi wood sesuai dengan rilis game-game DS, last words, YWG you ROCKZ!!


Change log (v1.20):

• speed up globalsettings.ini processing.
• many internal improvements in loader.
• softreset, dma and sd saving patches optimized.

• fixed junk on screen then lower_screen.bmp does not exist in current skin.
• fixed freeze then you press start button and menu background is broken or does not exist in current skin.
• small fix in gbatemp skin.
• romanian localization updated.
• spanish localization updated.
• ’12-hour clock’ interface option added. you can define am/pm mark position in uisettings.ini:
[am pm]
x = 172
y = 47
show = 1
color = 0x318c

• ‘vampire moon – the mystery of the hidden sun (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘ninokuni – shikkoku no madoushi (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘sonic colors (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘fuurai no shiren 5 – fortun tower to unmei no dice (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘rekishi taisen gettenka – tenkaichi battle royale (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘call of duty – black ops (france)’ fixed.
• ‘inazuma eleven 3 – sekai heno chousen! the ogre (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘ds battery life timer’ fixed. other ds game maker apps also must work.

RPG and R4i specific:
• solved problem with many demos. for example ‘gauntlet’ now works.
• special processing for few games removed.

RPG specific:
• few games weren’t launching when a rare combination of special features was used.

Download Link :

FileTrip | Mediafire


changelog diatas diambil dari filetrip.net, postingan si another world. gw cuman bantu ngasi mirror mediafire, kali2 ada yang kesusahan download dari filetrip


happy downloading all 😀 credit to YWG & another world

One comment on “Wood R4 1.20

  1. Hello, Angga. It’s me Johan. You have left a comment on my blog. I’m sorry to reply to your comment very late. Yes, I am still teaching at IALF Bali. But, I’m sorry I can’t remember you. Send me your reply in my email if you would like more correspondence.

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