New Golden Sun Guide

first of all, I want to say thanks to golden sun fans who recently visited my blog looking for some cheats. that’s ok, I’m also a cheater 🙂


secondly, I just want to announce to all my blog reader, that all of my post related to Golden sun will be in English. why, you ask?

simple, because result from Google translate is just horrible… i bet a lot of you can’t understand well about my blog at first. so i take the decision to re-write it in English. any other post will stay Indonesian.


umm, what is this post title … ah ok. last night I just surf the internet, and especially Kaskus forum where I got the new and completed golden sun guide. it’s in pdf, and I already update my Golden Sun Dark Dawn Guide post. so you can fin it there.


hope it helps you in playing golden sun 😀

happy playing 😀


oh, don’t forget to comment ok?

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