Wood R4 1.18 yay!

nambahin postingan lagi nih…


kali ini bahas tentang wood 1.18 yang baru banget di rilis sama YWG.

here it is!


Wood R4 1.18 changelog :

• localization for root entries added.
• option to use .sav instead .nds.sav added.
• ‘safe mode’ added. in ‘safe mode’ you can only play games. all other operations are disabled. to disable ‘safe mode’ you need to edit /__rpg/globalsettings.ini and remove the line with the word ‘safemode’.
• fixed missing text in rom info dialog then custom icon used.
• dutch localization updated. tnx to MrDiesel.
• spanish localization updated. tnx to PabloACZ.
• romanian localization updated.

• ‘super robot taisen l (japan)’ fixed.
• ‘harry potter and the deathly hallows – part 1 (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘beyblade metal fusion – cyber pegasus (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘nine hours – nine persons – nine doors (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘harvest moon ds – sunshine islands (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘call of duty – black ops (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘doctor who – evacuation earth (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘tron evolution (europe)’ fixed.
• ‘beyblade metal fusion (usa)’ fixed.
• ‘golden sun – dark dawn (usa)’ fixed. << love this!


akhirnya bisa mainin golden sun di wood, sebelumnya mesti pake Ak2i buat maen.


mo ikutan? download nehh


Filetrip | Maknyoz

filenya di compress pake 7zip, bisa dibuka pake winrar kok.


kalo udah, copy biasa ajah ke root micro sd 😀

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