The Day of Console Gaming is Back!

Howdy! ^^

Lama banget ga posting disini…

Diinget-inget rasanya posting terakhir untuk matkul DBA, posting pertanyaan..

Klo dibilang worthless, nggak juga. worthy? Mmm i’ll keep my word for that (:D)

Okay, setelah kira-kira setahun ga posting, still no comments…(duh)

Baiknya kita mulai aja category baru di blog ini 😀

First of course, the reason.

Q : why you bother adding gaming category, while still a lot of freak out there posting about twilight?

A : i hate watching twilight ALONE. Besides, i’m at my best when it comes to gaming reviews (okay i know this is to narcisst, but stop throwing a brick to me!)

Ngerti? Hahaha

Sebnernya categori ini dibuat untuk nyalurin hobi gaming TS (oh my, kaskus-style writing banget). Terutama main game console, karena TS ga sanggup beli TV full HD 1080P yang harganya bisa buat beli nasi goreng banyak banget.

Finally, let’s end this chit-chat and please welcome our new category : Gaming


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