[Review] Acer One 10 touch – hybrid netbook/tablet at decent price

Hi readers,

kali ini gw mau nge review gadget baru yang ada di kantor gw, Acer one 10 touch.

device Acer yang satu ini gw beli untuk kebutuhan kantor primarily sebagai media player. Apa ga kemahalan? a little bit, tapi dibanding mesti beli ipod, harga notebook hybrid ini jelas lebih worthed.

penampakan :

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acer one 10

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[Review] Xiaomi Redmi 2

Hi all, kali ini gw ngebahas gadget yang baru gw beli kemarin, xiaomi redmi 2.

alasan gw beli redmi 2 soalnya gw lagi perlu banget hp untuk nomer kantor, dan karena gw ga mampu buat beli iPhone lagi makanya gw nelirik ke android yang murmer.

oh btw gw beli si redmi2 ini nyicil 6x juga sama kaya pas gw beli asus fonepad 8 gw yang udah lunas ngahahaha. tapi kali ini gw belinya offline di erafone megastore teuku umar 🙂

penampakan :

xiaomi redmi 2

xiaomi redmi 2

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[Review] Asus Fonepad 8 FE380CG (2g ram 16g rom edition)

Hi guys, kali ini gw mau nge review asus fonepad 8 yang baru aja gw beli dari blibli.com

as always, penampakan :


Swiggity-swag, new sticker bought from modsticker.com :p

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New site URL

Hey all,

I’m proud to say that currently my blog blazingbee.wordpress.com can also be accessed from tweenbeearchive.net. you still can use my old blog url to access my blog, it will redirect to new url though.


why the change?

well the main reason is to help you guys, so you don’t have to type down my old and long blog url, you just simply use new url, short and simple. by the way maybe my new url won’t show up in google instantly, because I just bought the domain, maybe it takes up to 1 week to appear in google 😀

another reason is I just got my credit card and want to test it out :-p



well, have fun reading through my blog guys, see you in my next post!